Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Hair Goals for 2013

As a woman trying to move up the corporate ladder (I am currently at the lowest rung possible), I have learnt one thing. For any plan to succeed you need to have a vision of your ultimate goal, and set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achieveble, realistic and time bound). Then you have to think of the actions that would lead to you achieving the set goals, and voila you have a plan that will succeed at the end of the day.

Now my hair goals for the year 2013 (I set them in January and I am working on them) are as follows:

  1. To keep my hair as healthy as possible, which means minimal to no breakage, enough moisture and protein, keeping my scalp clean, so I can retain length, leading to goal
  2. which is to get my hair from grazing shoulder length to full APL (arm pit length.)

Now the action plans I am taking this year are:
  1. Stretch my relaxers for longer (I normally stretch my relaxer for 12 weeks, meaning I relax 4 times a year) I want to try to stretch for at least 20 - 24 weeks so that I relax my hair only twice a year.
  2. Only use heat when I have a salon visit, or a very important occasion
  3. Do a lot of protective styling (mainly sew in weaves), and not keep in a weave for longer than 6 weeks
  4. Shampoo, deep condition and air dry hair each week
  5. Only use a comb once a week when I wash my hair. The rest of the time it will be finger detangling
  6. To resist becoming a product junkie (my hair care arsenal at the moment includes a protein shampoo, moisturising shampoo, deep conditioner, glycerine, apple cider vinegar and natural oils (coconut, castor, almond and olive)
  7. Stop using cotton scrunchies (pony tail holders) and use satin ribbons, head bands and bobby ppins.
  8. Moisturise hair daily (with home made moisturiser madde of water, glycerine) and seal with a natural oil (castor, coconut or olive)
  9. Always wrap hair at night before i sleep (i haven't found a satin scarf so I'm still going old school with an old stocking lol), and baggy my hair overnight when necessary
  10. Drink lots of water, and other liquids, and try to stick to a balanced and healthy diet
So these are my hair goals and action plans for this year in order to achieve my goal of full APL hair.

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