Monday, 25 March 2013

Wash Day

I washed my hair over the weekend (on Saturday), and I feel so proud of myself :).

This was my first time washing my hair with a weave installed, ad I must say the results were not too bad. I had done research on how to wash my hair while in a weave, then decided to take a chance and get my scalp clean (after getting dust, sweat and cola into my hair over two weeks).

I first diluted my protein shampoo with a teaspoon of ACV and water. I sprayed this mix into my track, making sure to get it onto my scalp. I massaged the shampoo in, and covered my hair up with a shower cap then let it sit for about 15 minutes. I rinsed it off with warm water and then applied diluted conditioner (the hotel freebies) onto my tracks and scalp. I was afraid my weave would turn into a mat after washing so I applied my deep conditioner onto my weave. I let this sit under a shower cap for about 15 minutes, then I rinsed it off with luke warm water. After this I did an ACV rinse, and rinsed it off again with luke warm water. I wrapped my hair in a tshirt and sat with it for 20 minutes, then I let my hair and weave airdry.

The results a slightly less itchy scalp, and a very fresh smelling weave. My weave was not matted, and still looked good. So my first weave wash was a success :)

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