Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Random Post... and a great link

So today work is pretty slow. Our head office is on holiday which means most of the planned teleconferences were cancelled. Most of the people in my office are out, and I had completed most of my tasks yesterday, leaving me today bored.

So I decided to google African Hair Blogs and see what came up. A lot came up. I saw a few of my old faves, like the African Hair blog. I also revisited some natural hair blogs (since my hair is now acting more natural than relaxed). Then I discovered an interesting blog by accident. Its called Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care and was started by a white lady (yes, white) who adopted a black daughter and is sharing her experiences with other mums out there. I learnt a lot from her blog, and by the way her daughter has such amazing long natural hair that almost makes me want to cut off my relaxed ends (almost, not quite). Its got interesting information, even for relaxed black women. After all, Afro hair is Afro hair at the end of it.

As I mentioned earlier, my hair is just acting natural ever since I took out my sew in. Maybe its the growth, maybe its the humidity in Dar es Salaam or maybe its both, but its making my hair hard to deal with. After all, I am the lazy one who relaxed her hair coz she couldn't rely on her big brother to always comb out her afron. So I will use the hair bands I bought on Good Friday (thank Allah for impulse buys) as my styling tools until I cave (hopefully at the end of May) and get my relaxer touch up done. I tried to do a twist out this morning (major fail, the twists were too big and too damp) so I ended up tucking in my ends under a head band (with polka dots!!!!) before coming in to work.

That's it for my random post :)

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