Monday, 15 April 2013

Week 16 and Still Going Strong

Another weekend has come and gone by, and I managed to fight the temptation to go for a relaxer touch up. I'm now 16 weeks post and considering whether i should just transition to natural. Anyway I will take that under consideration after I complete my 24 week stretch.

This week I have been lazy. I didn't wash my hair. All I did was moisturize and seal before plaiting my hair at night. It actual makes my mornings easier since i spend less time getting ready for work (WIN!!!). This week I am abandoning my hairbands for my ribbons. Yep, its ponytails all the way until I get tired. I must admit its an easier way to deal with my growth. I'm still just detangling using my fingers, I haven't tried to get close to a comb in a while (another win). However, I saw some ends breaking off... I need to do something before its a full blown disaster.

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