Monday, 1 April 2013

Weekly Update

Happy Easter. I had a great weekend recharging at my mama's place. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to wash my hair under my weave *sigh*. Anyway, I will be taking out the weave next weekend (I would have spent 4 weeks with the weave). In the meantime, I will just moisturize with my special mix everyday, until the weekend when I will undo my hair, detangle, prepoo overnight, wash and deep condition.

So today I did one of my favorite things, shopping. Since I just got paid, I decided to go shopping for my kitchen and my hair. I was super excited today when I found the Dark and Lovely Braids Conditioning Spray in Shopper's Supermarket Mikocheni. It has no mineral oil at all, and the two major ingredients are water and glycerin. I immediately snatched up a bottle, although I was now thinking maybe I should have bought more. Another find I made at the supermarket was the Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage Relaxer for Regular Hair that I bought. My hair is now almost 14 weeks post relaxer, and I would normally be getting my relaxer done at around this time. But since one of my goals this year is to try stretch my relaxer for longer, I will just keep the kit on standby until I feel like I cannot deal with my growth. But as I said before, I want to try to get my relaxer done the week before my birthday (which is in June) so I can rock my hopefully longer hair then. I still had plenty of ACV,EVOO and Castor oil, so I didn't buy more. However, I am considering buying aloe juice too.

I'm trying to change my diet too. I am not a big fan of fruit and veg, but I got potatoes, sweet potatoes and apples to get the ball rolling on getting some of my vitamins. I'm also trying to drink more water, so instead of flavored milk, I bought water. I also have some fruit juice to help out with my vitamin situation. I'm also trying to reduce my cola intake, but it will be extra hard since I work at a beverage company.

Until my next post HHJ

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