Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Co Wash and Hair Challenge

Yesterday, I was a bit bored at work. Most of my work was done, yadda yadda yadda, so I decided to do one of my favorite activities, stalk hair blogs. I was going through one (can't remember which one) and I found a link to Hairlista. Wow, this forum is ammmmaaaaaaaazzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnng!!!!!!!!!!!!

I co-washed last night, but I also added something else to my routine thanks to a Hairlista group I joined (1 inch in i week challenge). This challenge is really simple. You massage in any (hot) oil, do an inversion for max 4 minutes, and repeat everyday for 7 days. This is apparently supposed to result in hair growth of about an inch.

So last night after work, I decided to start the challenge. I heated a mix of coconut, olive and castor oil, and applied it onto my scalp with a brush. Since I was also co-washing, I also applied the rest of the oil to my ends. I massaged in the oil for about 5 minutes, and then started doing the inversion. (Inversion is just getting your head upside down so that you can get a lot of blood flow to your head). I decided to hang my head from the edge of my bed, it got boring, but I stuck it out for the maximum for minutes. After this I massaged my scalp again (especially the areas that have been itching a lot) before I applied my deep conditioner for my co wash. I kept on the DC overnight, and rinsed it out this morning during my shower. I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the extra water, before applying my leave in and sealing with coconut oil. I bunned my hair while it was damp, and voila I was ready for my day.

If you decide to do the challenge, take note of these warnings and notes by the originator of the challenge:

Do not attempt if pregnant, suffer from the following (high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart problems, glaucoma, or any other health condition. 
Do not attempt this for more than 4 minutes. 
If at anytime during the inversion you feel dizzy, drowsy/sleepy or otherwise abnormal, slowly move out of the position. 
Have I scared you sufficiently? :-)
Why so many warnings?
Better safe than sorry
Because my stupid behind thought I was part yogi and ended up ridiculously light headed on my first attempt.
Because I've corresponded with a few youtubers who almost passed out from not listening to their bodies.
Because one youtuber lost vision for a few seconds hanging off her bed! (<-----not recommended) 
Why does this work? Circulation (blod flow) increases hair growth. This is a form of "super" circulation. 
Why Olive oil? Is any oil necessary? 
I don't believe oil is necessary at all BUT as we all know, oil for our hair type is a good thing. (Experiment with different oils or no oil at all and see what happens) 
Do I need to shampoo the oil out?
This step is not necessary but if you feel the need (after letting oil sit on scalp for a minimum of 2 hours) a conditioner wash should be sufficient to remove excess oil. 
Why 7 days? After speaking to dozens of youtubers, the effect seems to wear off considerably after 1 week. My theory is your body adapts to the change so this is recommended as a "once a week out of the month"  "trick", if you will. 

These are my beginning pics for the challenge (I couldn't manage to get the back. But its below the collar bone):

Front hair, length just below lips

Left side, just about hitting the collarbone

Right side, also about hitting the collarbone

I will post after pics sometime next week (hopefully). I will be going to Zimbabwe for a few days next week so I may not be able to post the pictures of the results next Wednesday. But I will save them and post them when I get the chance

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  1. Im in the same group on 'lista. Always nice to find a hair blogger based in africa. Looking forward to more