Friday, 14 June 2013

Quick Update

So much to update, so little time...

The last time I did a post, I mentioned I had a sew in weave installed. That sew in only lasted a week. It was looking so horrible on Saturday, and I had an event to attend, so I just took it out during the afternoon. Right after taking it out, I prepooed with olive oil for about 30 minutes. I shampooed with my moisturizing shampoo, working only on my scalp since it had been itching a bit during the week. I rinsed out the shampoo, and did a tea rinse (one bag black tea, one bag peppermint tea). I let the tea sit for 3 minutes before rinsing out and applying my deep conditioner (Vatika natural Garlic). I covered my hair with a plastic shopping bag (I had run out of shower caps) and let it sit for 30 minutes. I rinsed out the deep conditioner thoroughly, and did a final rinse with diluted ACV. I wrapped my hair in a microfiber towel and left it to absorb the moisture until it was about 70% dry. I didn't have much time to let my hair air dry, so I decided to blow dry it on the low setting. I first applied my VO5 leave in conditioner, before blowdrying my hair while combing through with my wide tooth comb. When it was just slightly damp, I sealed with coconut oil, before styling it. The event I was attending had a color theme, and I decided to wear a white dress, and use my hair accessory as a way of keeping with the theme of the evening. The accessory was a crocodile hair clip with a green flower (magnolia, I think). So I first put my hair into a ponytail, before using the clip to pull the tail up transforming my dull ponytail into a chic up do for the evening. Very simple and quick. Sorry, no photos as usual coz I was in a rush.

This week I got back into my usual routine. I moisturize every night with a mixture of water, glycerine and olive oil, before sealing with coconut oil, and covering with my satin scarf for bed. In the morning its just a quick comb through, before pulling my hair into a ponytail for work. The sew in I had for a week did serious havoc to my hairline. I have decided to quit the weaves for a year, and try something different that's kinder to my hair line. I am working on getting my hair line healthier right now by massaging castor oil into it every night before bed. Hopefully, I will start seeing results by the beginning of July.

My hair is now 8 weeks post my last relaxer (which was more of a texlax). The hair at the back of my head has a lot of growth at the moment which is why I am almost always in a ponytail. The growth at the front is blending with the looser curls from the texlax, which is a relief. Its not yet too bad to comb through. I am planning to stretch for about 20 weeks, before I relax again and then do a proper length check. The breakage I complained about in my last post finally stopped. I'm not sure what exactly caused it, most probably not enough moisture. Anyway, the breakage hasn't caused a major setback which is really lucky.

That's it for this week, until next week...

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