Monday, 17 June 2013

Wash Day (15/6/13)

I had my wash day on Saturday. I prepoo'ed on Friday night with coconut oil, and slept with a shower cap on. On Saturday morning, I added a bit of my tea tree conditioner on top of the coconut oil and covered with a shower cap for 2 hours. My hair had been feeling a bit dry, particularly the growth at the back of my head. I decided to shampoo with my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo. Since my growth is starting to act all crazy, I divided my hair in half, and applied shampoo to the scalp on half of my head and massaging it in, before doing the same to the other half. I rinsed off the shampoo, thoroughly. My scalp has been itching a lot recently, and I think its the chemicals in my shampoo/conditioner causing this, so I am trying to rinse out everything and hopefully my scalp won't feel itchy less than a day after a wash. I did a coffee rinse this week instead of a tea rinse. The coffee may have been too strong (oops) because after the coffee rinse and before rinsing out the coffee, my hair felt a bit too hard. Anyway, I rinsed off the coffee, and applied my deep conditioner mix (Vatika Garlic Hair Mask, EVOO and honey). I applied it after first dividing my hair into four sections, and then massaging in the mix before covering with a shower cap and letting it sit for an hour. I rinsed off the conditioner, did an ACV rinse and wrapped my hair in a microfiber towel to absorb the mixture. When my hair was just damp, I applied my VO5 moisturizing leave in conditioner onto my hair, before detangling with a wide tooth comb. Instead of combing my hair until it air dried, I did "buns" (plaiting my hair with wool... I need to find the right Englis word for this style.) I first picked off a section of hair, applied castor oil to the scalp, and then a little coconut oil to the hair before combing and plaiting the hair. I left my hair in the "buns" overnight before taking them down yesterday, and applying more coconut oil to the hair, and finger combing it.

I'm also experimenting with a new moisturizing mix this week. Its a mix of rosemary infused water, EVOO, glycerine and honey. I will use it every night to moisturise, particularly the growth, before sealing with coconut oil, and massaging my hairline with castor oil. Hopefully, this will keep my growth better moisturised this week. I am also going to co-wash on Tuesday night, as another way of keeping my growth moisturised. I am planning to get my stretch this time for 15 weeks (I am starting week 9 this week) so I can do a proper length check after completing a hair challenge I am doing on the Grow African Hair Long network (the Length Retention Challenge). Hopefully, my hair would have made good progress by then.

I am left with only 6 months to get to my end year goal of APL. I am currently not sure I will make it, so I am going to follow the examples of other hair bloggers and start setting monthly goals that can help me achieve my end year goal.

Another update will be up soon this week

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