Monday, 29 July 2013

Last Wash Day of the month

Yet another wash day has come and gone...

I was pretty busy (and lazy) this weekend, I sorta, kinda mistreated my hair. Not too much though, but I am still feeling guilty. Here's what happened:

1. I prepoo'ed overnight (Friday night) with coconut oil on my ends, and castor oil with a few drops of tea tree and eucalyptus oil on my scalp.

2. I shampooed with a moisturizing shampoo (Hello Hydration) in 3 sections. It's the only way to avoid getting shampoo directly on my ends (since its a sulfate shampoo)

3. After rinsing the shampoo, I conditioned with VO5 Tea Therapy clarifying conditioner, just to get moisture  back into my hair. I rinsed it off after a few minutes and then I did a tea rinse (2 bags each of black, green and peppermint tea + 1 tablespoon rosemary and some rosemary infused water in 1 liter of water). I left the tea on for a couple of minutes.

4. I put on my DC (Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask) without rinsing out the tea. I applied it in 3 sections, smoothing it to my ends, and finger detangling. I detangled with my wide toothed comb starting with the back section, combing my hair back. After detangling I applied EVOO on top of the DC and smoothed it on before covering with a shower cap.

5. I put on a sweatband, covered my shower cap with a cap, and went for a 2 hour power walk around my neighbourhood. I was supposed to rinse out the DC after my walk while getting ready for girls' night, but girls' night got cancelled, and I was too tired to rinse out the DC so I went to bed with the DC on.

6. After doing some house cleaning on Sunday morning I finally rinsed out the DC. Due to the water shortages (welcome to Africa), I didn't have enough cold water so I rinsed out with really warm (almost hot) water.

7. I t-shirt dried my hair. When it was damp, I applied my leave in (VO5 moisturizing leave in conditioner). I forgot that I wanted to flat iron and do my length check for the end of the GAHL Length Retention Challenge , and applied coconut oil into my damp hair. As a result, flat ironing is postponed to Wednesday morning. Instead I airdried by doing 8 mini ponytails. I played in my hair for a while, twisting and untwisting the ponytails

8. Before sleeping I did twists, hoping that I could wear my wig this morning. I moisturized the twists this morning with my spritz (conditioner, aloe vera juice, honey, glycerin, olive oil), and covered with a satin bonnet before putting on the wig. The wig wasn't looking to healthy so I took it off, and undid the twists. The twist out was a flop, so I ended up pulling my hair into a bun for work.

Tonight, I will restart the Inversion Challenge. A post on the challenge will be up tomorrow.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mid-Week DC and length check

So yesterday I did my mid-week DC. I really had to do it, coz on Monday I had to go to the beach for a work exercise, and it was windy. I had sand everywhere, in my heels, in my hair, you name it, sand made an appearance. I couldn't wash my hair on Monday night since I was attending a business dinner, and I had a conference early on Tuesday.

So when I got home yesterday evening, I first applied olive oil to my ends, just to get the sand lubricated and make it rub against my hair less. I put my DC on top, added more olive oil on top of the DC covered with a shower cap, before adding the usual layers on top and went to bed. This morning during my shower, I rinsed out the DC, t-shirt dried, applied my leave in, sealed with coconut oil, and damp bunned for work.

My hair was relatively straight last night, since it was weighed down with product, I decided to do my first proper length check for this year. I put on my homemade length check t-shirt (excuse the messy measurements), and checked my length. I am currently about 2 inches from my short term goal APL which I hope to achieve by December 2013.

 I am left with about 4 months to achieve this growth, which means I really have to retain all the length I gain in these 4 months. If my hair will grow at the rate of 1/2 inch per month, I will be at my goal by the beginning of December.

Therefore my length retention strategy will be as follows:

  1. Keep up with my regimen. Wash weekly, DC twice a week, M&S twice daily, protein as needed and tea rinse to reduce shedding
  2. Drink at least 1.5l of water daily
  3. Daily hair, skin and nails supplement
  4. Do inversion method as growth aid for a week, once a month
  5. Protective styling (buns), and cover hair with scarf when wearing it down
  6. Next texlax end of November 2013, or before if growth is too much to handle
  7. Only comb on wash days
  8. No heat
Hopefully I will get to my first milestone in my hair journey. ION, this is the longest my hair has ever been im my adult life. This HHJ has really helped me :) 

Monday, 22 July 2013

AWESOME!!!!! Wash Day

Yep, this weekend I had the awesomest wash day. I must have done something right coz my hair felt really good, and feels perfectly balanced :-D

I prepoo'ed overnight with coconut oil on Friday night. As per my "lazy girl" regimen, on Saturday morning, I brewed my tea for the tea rinse (2 bags each of black, green and peppermint tea, and about 1 tablespoon of dried rosemary). I napped for 4 hours waiting for the tea to cool. I shampooed once with my Hello Hydration shampoo (it may just become my staple). I rinsed out the shampoo, and did the tea rinse twice. I let the tea sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing out. I DC'ed with my Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask, and added olive oil on top of the DC. I covered my hair with a shower cap, tied on my trusty old pair of stockings on top, before pulling on my woolen winter hat and letting it all steam with my body heat for about 5-6 hours. Since I was going out that evening, and I didn't want to blow dry, I decided to damp bun. First, I rinsed out my DC with cool water after my shower, and I t-shirt dried. I did the rest of my preparations for my night out while the t-shirt absorbed the moisture. After this, I applied my leave in (VO5 moisturizing leave in), and sealed with coconut oil. I detangled both with my wide toothed comb and my fingers (my hair is acting tres naturale and is getting matted at the roots. Also found bits of rosemary in my hair). My hair felt so soft and just perfect. I damp bunned my hair for the night and went out with my friends.

On Sunday morning my hair still felt and looked good. I just pulled it up into a ponytail and went shopping. Since I was in such a feel good haze, I ended up buying the Hello Hydration conditioner. I have heard so many good things about it especially on Hairlista, so I want to try it out and see if it works on my hair. Last night I M&S'ed as usual. I first massaged my scalp with castor oil, foucing om my edges. I moisturised with my mix, although this week there wasn't as much conditioner in it, and I added some tea tree oil in it. I sealed with castor oil, before wrapping my hair for bed with my satin scarf.

This morning I M&S'ed just the hair that will be exposed for most of the day. I sealed my ends with coconut oil, and did a low ponytail for work. My hair was still feeling so good, and perfectly balanced. Even the texlaxed hair is laying down nicely for the first time in a long while, even without having used a comb to detangle this morning. If only my hair could be like this every week *sigh*

Random Note: I did a mini length check while my hair was weighed down and straightened by the DC. I forgot my camera at home, so I cannot upload the pic, but from what I could see, I am pretty close to my short term goal of APL.

Weird note: I had forgotten I had put the rosemary in my tea rinse, when i poured it over my hair, I had bits of rosemary tangled in my hair. Talk about a long rinse trying to get out all the bits of rosemary without pulling out my hair :-'''''D

Monday, 15 July 2013

Check In after A While

It's been a while since I lasted updated this blog. Well, like I mentioned in my last post, I was travelling, and I didn't have any internet access for almost 2 weeks and so I could not update. Add in a lot of stress, being sick and ehaustion, I really neglected my hair since my last update.

When I packed for my trip, I had castor oil (since I was going to a colder place, and couldn't use my beloved coconut oil), my moisturizing spritz (conditioner, water, honey, olive oil and glycerin) in two bottles, my leave in (VO5 moisturizing leave in), my clarifying conditioner and my widetoothed comb. And since I had some seriously crazy growth, I had decided to retouch my hair while I was in Zim so I had also packed my relaxer kit (Dark and Lovely), protein DC, hair clips, and applicator brush.

I had estimated that the trip would take about 2 and a half days to complete. It ended up taking a total of 7 days. When I left my apartment in Dar es Salaam, I had cornrows, and I wore my new wig on top. Due to technical difficulties, and the fact that by Saturday we were still only 200km out of Dar es Salaam, I decided to co-wash my hair and get moisture back in before I PS'ed. I did threading, and before threading each section (4 sections in the end), I did the LOC method, trying to get many layers of moisture in before sealing with my castor oil. I kept this PS in (covered by a bandanna) until when I finally got home (in Zimbabwe) on Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning, I decided to end my stretch and texlax my hair. I first protected my ends with a mix of  my clarifying conditioner and castor oil. I based my hairline with vaseline, and based my scalp with castor oil.  Since I use a no-lye relaxer, when I mixed in the activator cream, I also added a little conditioner to weaken the relaxer. I applied the cream to my NG only, starting with the left quadrant at the back and ending with the  left quadrant at the left. I applied the relaxer using my fingers (I find it easier this way, and my hands were coated in vaseline for protection). I smoothed the relaxer for about ten minutes with my fingers before starting on rinsing it out. I first rinsed out the relaxer cream with lukewarm water. After getting the relaxer cream out, I started shampooing with the neutralizing shampoo. I shampooed about four times, until the bottle of shampoo was empty. After shampooing, I did a protein DC. I mixed my Vatika Naturals DC with and egg, and put this onto my hair. After applying this mixture, I covered with a shower cap, and sat in the sun for a while trying to get warm, and to also have a little heat for the DC (it was pretty cold. Temperatures were around 12`C). I let the DC sit for 20 minutes before rinsing, and wrapping in a t-shirt to dry. By this time I was so exhausted that I only managed to take off the towel and nap for the rest of the day.

Now on Friday morning I had to go into town. Thanks to my exhaustion the previous day, I hadn't combed my hair at all. I started detangling in sections, first spraying on my moisturizing spritz, before applying my leave in, and then combing with my wide toothed comb. After detangling, I would seal with my castor oil. I did have a lot of shedding, but after considering that I hadn't combed my hair since my last proper wash day, the hair I lost doesn't seem to be too excessive. Anyway, I am liking my progress. it doesn't seem to be too much, but considering that I am about 5'10", I just about have a normal growth rate. I think I mwill make it to my goal of APL by December. Even after mistreating my hair after the texlax, its still extra thick and looks so healthy. The looks of envy I got while walking on the streets of Harare make this hair journey worthwhile. Most people thought it was an extremely good weave, when it was actually my own shoulder length hair. I will do a proper length check at the end of the month with my hair fully straightened.

Now for today, I had DC'ed overnight with my moisturizing DC, so that I can get my moisture/protein balance, well, more balanced. I slept under a shower cap, held down by my trusty pair of old stockings. I rinsed out the DC during my shower this morning and t-shirt dried while dressing. I applied coconut oil when my hair was just damp, and bunned it for work (no combing, major win for me). After work, I will take down the bun, and massage my scalp with tea tree oil before MS'ing for the night.  My routine is back in action, and I can't wait until my wash day on Saturday, though I may co-wash during the week.

That's it from me dolls, laters....

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Very Random Thoughts

I bought my wig!!! Yep, I bought my first wig today, nothing too fancy. It's a synthetic wig, number 4 color, and about 12 inches long. What I love about it is the amount of hair it has... I can cut it and style it whichever way I want. I bought it for just under 30 dollars (43000 tshs) after bargaining for awhile. It will be so useful on my road trip to Zim which will last for three days. Minimal manipulation in my crazy growth. 

Speaking of the growth, I may just get a retouch done while I am in Zim, my hair is now getting all knotted up coz of the growth. So not great coz I now take a whole lotta time to detangle each morning, and I still end up with hair on my fingers.

Back to what I packed for the road trip (hair wise) I packed my essential oils, castor oil, VO5 conditioner and leave in, and my own moisturiser (olive oil, honey, water, glycerin and cheapie conditioner) in 2 spray bottles. I'm also going to pack my relaxer kit, and DC so I can either self or salon relax. 

That's it for now, I will update y'all once I get to Zim and have a local line and Internet connection.


Monday, 1 July 2013

June/July Purchases

Since I got paid last week, I decided to splurge on my hair (it takes time to recover from PJ'ism).

I bought:
Tea tree oil (pharmacy)
Eucalyptus oil (pharmacy)
Rose oil (pharmacy)
Aloe Vera Juice (pharmacy)
Glycerin (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
Castor Oil (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
Honey (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
ACV (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
Tea Tree Clarifying Conditioner (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
Hair, Skin and Nails Multivitamins (pharmacy)
Hair Clips (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
Dark and Lovely relaxer kit (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
Spray bottle (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)
Shower Cap (Shoppers Supermarket Mikocheni)

I am also planning to buy a wig so I can manipulate my hair less. I will check while I am in Harare how much a wig is, and if its within my budget, I will buy one.

Wash Day (30th June 2013)

I did my wash day yesterday, instead of on Saturday. Mainly coz I hadn't managed to buy more of my Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask (and the jar that I had was almost finished) and because I was feeling really sick for most of Saturday.

I prepoo'ed on Saturday night with coconut oil, before covering up with my shower cap and woolly hat before going to bed. I woke up bright and early (8am) and brewed the tea for my tea rinse. This week I used 6 tea bags (2 each of black, green and peppermint tea) in about 1.5l of water and left it to steep for hours. I did my chores, lazed around with my historical romance (loving Georgette Heyer's novels) and took a nap before starting my wash day. I got my hair wet before dividing it into 3 sections. I started massaging my Hello Hydration shampoo onto the scalp section by section. I rinsed out the shampoo, letting the runoff clean my ends before doing my tea rinse. Normally after I pour my tea over my head I wait for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out. This week I decided to try out a technique I read about on other blogs. I just applied my DC (Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask) on top of the tea. And my hair really needed that moisturizing DC. It was so dry it drank up a lot of the conditioner. As I was applying my DC in sections, I realized that the hair at the back of my head is not so far from APL now. Its about an inch away (when straightened out and weighed down with product). I did a happy dance in my bathroom when I saw this. Anyway, I left the DC on for about an hour and rinsed out with slightly lukewarm water. I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt until the t-shirt absorbed most of the moisture. I applied my leave in (VO5 moisturizing leave in conditioner) before sealing with coconut oil. Since I have what appears to be a lot of growth (about 4 inches thanks to my last texlax and my actual new growth) I had to slow down my overnight shrinkage. I decided to do threading (finally found out the conventional name for what I called "buns"). I slept in this style, and this morning when I woke up, my hair felt a bit dry. So I moisturized with my DIY spritz (aloe vera juice, water, glycerin, honey, olive oil, and drops of tea tree, eucalyptus and rose oil), getting my hair damp. I then applied my leave in conditioner on top, before sealing with coconut oil. I then did a ponytail, which I clipped up (big boss coming into town today!!). My new growth and texlaxed hair is very happy with the moisture now, and the relaxed ends are just relieved to be tucked up as usual. I think I may just transition to fully texlaxed hair, but I will do this after getting to APL and rocking out my hair at the longest it will ever be in my adult life.

Anyhoo, onto other news. It's now July, which means I should be working on the goals I set for myself. I will be travelling tomorrow, so I have to plan myself such that I can keep up with my regimen as well as I can without my entire product arsenal. I gave up on the 1 inch in 1 week challenge, too much oil dripped into my eyes and contact lenses (so not cool) and I didn't see too  much of a difference anyway. This month is going to be the month when I co-wash almost everyday, just to keep my NG moisturized before my next texlax and length check at the end of the month. That's it from me this week. I will do posts that I will put up a bit late coz of my trip.