Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mid-Week DC and length check

So yesterday I did my mid-week DC. I really had to do it, coz on Monday I had to go to the beach for a work exercise, and it was windy. I had sand everywhere, in my heels, in my hair, you name it, sand made an appearance. I couldn't wash my hair on Monday night since I was attending a business dinner, and I had a conference early on Tuesday.

So when I got home yesterday evening, I first applied olive oil to my ends, just to get the sand lubricated and make it rub against my hair less. I put my DC on top, added more olive oil on top of the DC covered with a shower cap, before adding the usual layers on top and went to bed. This morning during my shower, I rinsed out the DC, t-shirt dried, applied my leave in, sealed with coconut oil, and damp bunned for work.

My hair was relatively straight last night, since it was weighed down with product, I decided to do my first proper length check for this year. I put on my homemade length check t-shirt (excuse the messy measurements), and checked my length. I am currently about 2 inches from my short term goal APL which I hope to achieve by December 2013.

 I am left with about 4 months to achieve this growth, which means I really have to retain all the length I gain in these 4 months. If my hair will grow at the rate of 1/2 inch per month, I will be at my goal by the beginning of December.

Therefore my length retention strategy will be as follows:

  1. Keep up with my regimen. Wash weekly, DC twice a week, M&S twice daily, protein as needed and tea rinse to reduce shedding
  2. Drink at least 1.5l of water daily
  3. Daily hair, skin and nails supplement
  4. Do inversion method as growth aid for a week, once a month
  5. Protective styling (buns), and cover hair with scarf when wearing it down
  6. Next texlax end of November 2013, or before if growth is too much to handle
  7. Only comb on wash days
  8. No heat
Hopefully I will get to my first milestone in my hair journey. ION, this is the longest my hair has ever been im my adult life. This HHJ has really helped me :) 

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