Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Very Random Thoughts

I bought my wig!!! Yep, I bought my first wig today, nothing too fancy. It's a synthetic wig, number 4 color, and about 12 inches long. What I love about it is the amount of hair it has... I can cut it and style it whichever way I want. I bought it for just under 30 dollars (43000 tshs) after bargaining for awhile. It will be so useful on my road trip to Zim which will last for three days. Minimal manipulation in my crazy growth. 

Speaking of the growth, I may just get a retouch done while I am in Zim, my hair is now getting all knotted up coz of the growth. So not great coz I now take a whole lotta time to detangle each morning, and I still end up with hair on my fingers.

Back to what I packed for the road trip (hair wise) I packed my essential oils, castor oil, VO5 conditioner and leave in, and my own moisturiser (olive oil, honey, water, glycerin and cheapie conditioner) in 2 spray bottles. I'm also going to pack my relaxer kit, and DC so I can either self or salon relax. 

That's it for now, I will update y'all once I get to Zim and have a local line and Internet connection.


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