Monday, 26 August 2013

Wash Day Diary

Last week was absolutely horrible. First of all, I had a really bad earache that didn't allow me to sleep for more than 4 hours each night. Then work was crazy, and I got home after 8pm on most nights after leaving home at 6am. My diet was horrible, I had severe dehydration and I didn't manage to work out. Needless to say, I fell off my hair game. I only M&S'ed once, and I skipped my mid week DC. My hair wouldn't behave itself and did its own thing puffing up, and refusing to stay in a ponytail. By Friday night, the roots were matted horribly and I really had to take action to avoid a setback.

Friday Night
1. Oiled hair heavily with coconut oil before finger detangling and removing shed hair. Massaged scalp before wrapping with scarf and going to bed.

Saturday Night
1. Prepoo'ed with Avocado oil, and finger detangled. Divided hair into four sections and twisted the sections. Covered with shower cap for bed

Sunday Morning
1. Wet hair and divided sections with hair clips.
2. Shampoo with Infusium 23 sulfate free shampoo in sections. I had a lot of build up on the scalp (since I didn't wash mid week).
3. Rinsed out shampoo, and instant conditioned with Hello Hydration (still in sections). Rinsed out conditioner
4. Tea rinse (2 bags each green, peppermint and hibiscus tea, and 2 tablespoons rosemary). Let tea sit for a few minutes
5. Applied DC (Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask) on hair without rinsing out tea. Detangled with comb, and covered with a plastic bag, and shower cap. Left it in for 4 hours.
6. Rinsed out DC with cool water.
7. T-shirt dried until damp
8. Applied leave in, and heat protection serum. Blowdried hair on low setting for 5 minutes while combing with wide tooth comb.
9. Tied hair into ponytail to air dry completely
10. Massaged avocado oil into scalp before doing inversions
11. Wrapped in scarf for bed

My neglect last week really showed during wash day. I had quite a bit of breakage and a lot of shedding :(. I have to give my hair a lot of TLC this week in order to prevent a real setback from happening

Monday, 19 August 2013

Protein Treatment!!!

This weekend was protein weekend. I have been having a bit of breakage going on recently, a few tiny wisps here and there. But I really need to retain length in order to get to my end year goal of APL so I looked at my regimen since my last touch up, and realized I was missing some protein. So I decided to add in some protein this weekend.

1. Prepooed overnight with coconut oil. Divided hair into 3 sections for wash. Whole wash day (up to moisturizing DC was done in 3 sections)
2. Dry DC with protein DC (Vatika Intensive Nourishment Treatment) for 30 minutes
3. Rinsed out DC. Shampoo with Protein Feed System Shampoo (also protein heavy), Made shampoo got onto the hair to clarify buildup
4. Rinsed out shampoo, and instant conditioned with Hello Hydration. Left conditioner in for 5 minutes
5. Rinsed out conditioner. Tea rinse (2 bags each black, green and peppermint tea + 1 tablespoon rosemary). Let tea sit for 5 minutes
6. Moisturizing DC (Vatika Garlic Hair Mask) without rinsing out tea. Left in DC overnight
7. Rinsed out DC with cool water. ACV rinse (1 cup ACV in 1.5l water) after.
8. T-shirt dried until hair was damp. Applied leave in (VO5 deep nourishment leave in) and sealed with coconut oil. Air dried.
9. Threading as protective style for bed. Covered in satin bonnet (satin pillowcase + scarf were wet).

Results so far: no breakage today when I finger detangled to bun this morning. New growth soft.

I am planning to oil scalp with castor oil tonight, and seal with castor oil. I will do inversions next week in order to try get more growth. I'm experiencing a lot of shrinkage, which makes me look like I am not getting any growth, when actually when bunning or when hair has DC I can see that it is longer.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Love Letter

My dear castor oil,

I just realized that lately, I haven't told you how much I adore you.

I know we have been having differences during the past few weeks, when I would use you to oil my scalp, and you would make my scalp itch. I had to wash my hair a lot more because of you.

But this week reminded me of how our relationship began. I would use you to seal in my moisturizer, and yo would make sure my hair would stay moisturized for a long time. Yesterday, as I was about to begin to moisturize and seal my hair for bed, I realised something. My hair was still soft and easy to manipulate from the day before when I had used you to seal in the hello hydration and water mix I used to moisturize. My relaxed ends had zero breakage yesterday thanks to you. My texlaxed hair was softer and easier to detangle. My new growth was just all coily and happy with you helping to define the little coils.

This morning, it was so easy to finger comb and tie my hair back into a ponytail. And it was all because of you, beloved castor oil.

I love you, and I will always be faithful to you as my sealing oil during the week because of your super powers. Thank you castor oil, you're the best.

With lots of love, and hugs,

Me (and my hair)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Quickie Update

First up, I just wanna say, the Hair Journal app is the TRUTH!!! I have been using it every time I do anything to my hair, whether its a simple M&S or my weekly wash, and it really helps me keep track of what's happening with my hair, and what I need to do next. I am now almost 5 weeks post, and with the disaster I had with hair matting and all, I am really going to have to keep up with my moisture game.

Yesterday was my mid-week co-wash and DC. I'm in the Hairlista DC challenge, and you have to do at least one DC each week with heat or overnight. And since I do not have a steamer or hooded dryer, I stick to the overnight strategy.

So last night, after my nice 6km walk, I did my co-wash. I first oiled my hair with coconut oil and divided it into 3 sections using hair clips. The coconut oil was to help in making the detangling easier. I co-washed pretty much the same way I did my last wash day with VO5 Tea Therapy Vanilla and Mint Clarifying Conditioner. And can I get a cheer for finishing up that conditioner? I have one less product in my stash now. Back to the wash, after the co-wash I did the DC.

My DC was a mix made up of

1. 5 tablespoons of Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask
2. 2 tablespoons EVOO
3. 2 tablespoons sunflower oil
4. 2 tablespoons honey
5. 10 drops eucalyptus oil.

I covered it with a plastic bag before putting on all the different fabric layers to help trap my body heat and do a deep DC.

I rinsed it out this morning with cool water, and wrapped in a t-shirt to dry. I applied the VO5 leave in and sealed with coconut oil before doing a damp bun for work. My hair smells like cough medicine right now, thanks to the eucalyptus oil, but I hope it just stimulates my scalp so that I get my length goal for this year.

I think I will do a protein treatment soon, I have been having a bit of breakage recently. Oh, and I kicked out aloe vera juice from my regimen for the moment, coz I thought that was another cause of my matting.

That's it from me, cheers!!!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Long Weekend (+ Wash Day)

I have just emerged from my lair after a nice, long four day weekend. Thanks to two holidays (Eid and Nane Nane) falling on Thursday and Friday,I had a relaxing weekend and managed to recharge my rundown batteries.

It was also an opportunity for me to go extra lazy and extend my wash day. I must admit, last week was just a horrid week for me. I didn't have much motivation to M&S my hair everyday, although I did manage to fit in my mid-week co-wash. I also found an app in the Apple Store called Hair Journal that I am now using to document everything I do to my hair.

So on to my wash day.

Friday night:

1. Prepoo overnight: Scalp with Avocado oil, Ends with Coconut oil


1. Divided hair into four sections using hair clips.
2. Shampooed hair in sections with sulfate free shampoo, mainly focusing on scalp. Rinsed a section, before clipping up and moving to the next one
3. Conditioned (in sections) using VO5 tea therapy clarifying conditioner. Let conditioner sit for 3 minutes before rinsing out section by section.
4. Tea rinse (2 bags each black, green & peppermint tea + 1 tablespoon rosemary in 2 liters of water) while in sections. Let tea sit for 10 minutes
5. Deep conditioner (Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask) without rinsing out tea. Applied DC in sections before finger detangling, and then detangling with wide toothed comb. Covered hair with plastic bag, shower cap, microfiber turban and woolen hat before leaving it to sit overnight.


1. Rinsed out DC with cool water.
2. Wrapped hair in t-shirt for 30 minutes
3. Applied leave in (VO5 moisturizing leave in), sealed with coconut oil
4. Did threading to hair, and left it to air dry
5. Took down threading, massaged scalp with Avocado oil
6. Hair was still slightly damp, so sealed in moisture with Avocado oil while finger combing
7. Wrapped hair in scarf for bed


1. Moisturized with spritz (conditioner + water) and bunned for work

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wash day and Random Babble

Wash day came and went. I changed my products a bit this month, to see what will happen if I make a switch.

1. Prepoo'ed overnight with coconut oil.
2. Shampooed with sulfate free shampoo (Infusium 23 for colour treated hair) in 2 sections, and rinsed out
3. Did coffee rinse, rinsed out most of the coffee, but left in a little
4. Moisturising DC (Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Mask). Added a little EVOO on top of DC. Covered with shower cap for 2 hours (no heat). Rinsed out with cool water
5. T-shirt dried. When hair was damp applied leave in moisturizer
6. Since I wanted to flat iron, I didn't seal with an oil. Instead I applied my heat serum in sections
7. I blow dried my hair in sections on the cool setting until it was fully dry
8. I flat ironed the back sections of my hair, and then gave up when I was half done

But the blow drying worked on just making my hair less matted and more like hair. If I am going to stretch for 20+ weeks, blow drying will be part of my regimen (with heat protection serum of course) as needed.

I completed the 1 inch in 1 month inversion challenge on Hairlista. Overall, I would say I gained 1cm in length during that 1 week. Not bad considering 1 inch (2.5 cm) takes about 2 months to grow without any growth aids. I will do another week of inversions at the end of the month.

ION, yes, I went shopping after I got paid. I must say I am working on not buying anything and everything. This month I got: Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask (moisturising DC), avocado oil, ORS Heat Protection Serum (not sure if this is the actual name on the package), and a lot of hair candy. I bought epoxy pins, a ponytail holder, a sparkly hair pin, a headband and 2 silver hair clips. All this for the day I hit APL and hopefully have a reasonable bun.

I think I will start a Castor Oil and DC challenge for myself soon. I need to retain length if I am ever to get to APL by December


Friday, 2 August 2013

Hair Rant and Random Thoughts


There's a lot of pain and frustration in that cyber scream. And it's coz of my hair. I'm only 3 weeks post texlax and my hair is getting all matted at the roots like I have been loc'ing my hair for years. Last night I M&S'ed  and finger detangled with absolutely no issues. Then this afternoon when I was thinking my tucked in ponytail was looking a bit untidy, and as I inserted my fingers into my hair to detangle a bit before tying my hair back again, my fingers got stuck. IN. MY. HAIR.

It's a bit hilarious, and I'm sure I will laugh when I read this at a later date. But right now all I am thinking is:

1. Did I make a mistake by texlaxing my hair in the first place? When it was bone straight I didn't have none of these issues

2. How will I even survive this stretch? My next texlax is planned for the end of November, and its only the beginning of August. My hair really doesn't like weaves these days, and I'm too scared to risk braid installation. How will I live with crazy person hair?

This incident tells me another thing... I won't be able to transition to natural successfully. I mean, if my texlaxed hair is all crazy, how can I live with my naturally thick, coarse and extra kinky fab 4C hair? That is not a pretty sight, and since I'm thinking of a future in the military, not advisable too.

All I feel like right now, is taking off from work and driving to a barber and have this mess shaved off. But what I will most probably do is wait until I can go home, and start detangling using conditioner or castor oil. Maybe its the Aloe Vera juice I added to my moisturizing spritz that's making my hair act 50 shades of cray. Or maybe the protein DC I mixed with my moisturizing DC is what's making my roots all matted. At least its the weekend, so I can enjoy my wash day, and find out what to do next.

I have also been thinking of starting to do henna treatments. I have seen on several blogs I follow that henna can actually help in loosening your natural curl pattern. So, if I start doing henna, my curls can loosen a bit more, and STOP MATTING!!!!!

Or maybe I should just cut off the bone straight relaxed ends, and go get my hair loc'ed. It seems to be demanding this treatment, I only think its fair to give it what it wants

Enough ranting about my matted roots, let me get back to work, so I can enjoy my weekend with a clear conscience


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review of July Goals, August Goal Setting

Time is moving so fast. Around this time last year I was preparing for my graduation, and I was just 3 months into my HHJ. I had a TWA, and had to get a weave so that my graduation cap would not fall off during the ceremony. I'm now 15 months old in my HHJ and I think things have gone OK (except the hairline issue). It's time to review my goals for last month, and set new ones for this month.

July Goals

1. Daily multivitamin supplement (especially one meant for hair growth) What a fail. I did try to do my hair, skin and nails supplement, but I didn't manage to eat properly for 2 weeks (stressful roadtrip) and those tablets were meant to be for after meals. I managed to pick up on it during the last 2 weeks of the month so I give myself a 3/5

2. Drink at least 2 litres of fluids daily (of which half must be water) I did start drinking more fluids, however I was overambitious with the 2 litres. I only managed 1.5l regularly. However, I did start drinking more water which is a major boost for me. So 4/5 for this goal (coz I drank more water)

3. Use up protein shampoo and Hello Hydration shampoo  The protein shampoo still exists. On the other hand, the HH shampoo is used up, so that's at least half a goal complete. 2.5/5

4. Protective style (wig) during the week, and leave hair out only during weekends Major fail on the wig part. My wig looks so unruly after that disastrous roadtrip, and I haven't managed to find time to get it looking decent again. However, I PS'ed everyday (bunning) during the week, and covered my hair with my scarf whenever it was down. So just for keeping my ends protected despite the failure of my wig I give myself 5/5 for this goal

5. Start working out (at least 3 hours a week) TBH, I was never going to start on this goal until I was told at work that we have to climb Mt Kilimanjaro as a team building exercise. So I started seriously working out only last weekend. 1/5 for this goal.

August Goals

1. Daily multivitamin supplement
2. Drink at least 1.5 litres of fluids, of which 75% must be water
3. Deep condition 2x a week
4. Protective style during weekdays, only break from PS is during weekends
5. Workout: 5km walk (3 times a week), yoga and abs workout on the days I'm not walking
6. Eat healthy. Less fries, pizza and KFC chicken. More home cooked meals, with fruit or soup for lunch 

Hopefully I can stick to these goals