Friday, 2 August 2013

Hair Rant and Random Thoughts


There's a lot of pain and frustration in that cyber scream. And it's coz of my hair. I'm only 3 weeks post texlax and my hair is getting all matted at the roots like I have been loc'ing my hair for years. Last night I M&S'ed  and finger detangled with absolutely no issues. Then this afternoon when I was thinking my tucked in ponytail was looking a bit untidy, and as I inserted my fingers into my hair to detangle a bit before tying my hair back again, my fingers got stuck. IN. MY. HAIR.

It's a bit hilarious, and I'm sure I will laugh when I read this at a later date. But right now all I am thinking is:

1. Did I make a mistake by texlaxing my hair in the first place? When it was bone straight I didn't have none of these issues

2. How will I even survive this stretch? My next texlax is planned for the end of November, and its only the beginning of August. My hair really doesn't like weaves these days, and I'm too scared to risk braid installation. How will I live with crazy person hair?

This incident tells me another thing... I won't be able to transition to natural successfully. I mean, if my texlaxed hair is all crazy, how can I live with my naturally thick, coarse and extra kinky fab 4C hair? That is not a pretty sight, and since I'm thinking of a future in the military, not advisable too.

All I feel like right now, is taking off from work and driving to a barber and have this mess shaved off. But what I will most probably do is wait until I can go home, and start detangling using conditioner or castor oil. Maybe its the Aloe Vera juice I added to my moisturizing spritz that's making my hair act 50 shades of cray. Or maybe the protein DC I mixed with my moisturizing DC is what's making my roots all matted. At least its the weekend, so I can enjoy my wash day, and find out what to do next.

I have also been thinking of starting to do henna treatments. I have seen on several blogs I follow that henna can actually help in loosening your natural curl pattern. So, if I start doing henna, my curls can loosen a bit more, and STOP MATTING!!!!!

Or maybe I should just cut off the bone straight relaxed ends, and go get my hair loc'ed. It seems to be demanding this treatment, I only think its fair to give it what it wants

Enough ranting about my matted roots, let me get back to work, so I can enjoy my weekend with a clear conscience


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