Friday, 16 August 2013

Love Letter

My dear castor oil,

I just realized that lately, I haven't told you how much I adore you.

I know we have been having differences during the past few weeks, when I would use you to oil my scalp, and you would make my scalp itch. I had to wash my hair a lot more because of you.

But this week reminded me of how our relationship began. I would use you to seal in my moisturizer, and yo would make sure my hair would stay moisturized for a long time. Yesterday, as I was about to begin to moisturize and seal my hair for bed, I realised something. My hair was still soft and easy to manipulate from the day before when I had used you to seal in the hello hydration and water mix I used to moisturize. My relaxed ends had zero breakage yesterday thanks to you. My texlaxed hair was softer and easier to detangle. My new growth was just all coily and happy with you helping to define the little coils.

This morning, it was so easy to finger comb and tie my hair back into a ponytail. And it was all because of you, beloved castor oil.

I love you, and I will always be faithful to you as my sealing oil during the week because of your super powers. Thank you castor oil, you're the best.

With lots of love, and hugs,

Me (and my hair)

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  1. Lol...this was cute. i forgot about castor oil, I used it back when I was relaxed. It was such a heavy oil. This post definitely made me want to give it a go again though.