Monday, 19 August 2013

Protein Treatment!!!

This weekend was protein weekend. I have been having a bit of breakage going on recently, a few tiny wisps here and there. But I really need to retain length in order to get to my end year goal of APL so I looked at my regimen since my last touch up, and realized I was missing some protein. So I decided to add in some protein this weekend.

1. Prepooed overnight with coconut oil. Divided hair into 3 sections for wash. Whole wash day (up to moisturizing DC was done in 3 sections)
2. Dry DC with protein DC (Vatika Intensive Nourishment Treatment) for 30 minutes
3. Rinsed out DC. Shampoo with Protein Feed System Shampoo (also protein heavy), Made shampoo got onto the hair to clarify buildup
4. Rinsed out shampoo, and instant conditioned with Hello Hydration. Left conditioner in for 5 minutes
5. Rinsed out conditioner. Tea rinse (2 bags each black, green and peppermint tea + 1 tablespoon rosemary). Let tea sit for 5 minutes
6. Moisturizing DC (Vatika Garlic Hair Mask) without rinsing out tea. Left in DC overnight
7. Rinsed out DC with cool water. ACV rinse (1 cup ACV in 1.5l water) after.
8. T-shirt dried until hair was damp. Applied leave in (VO5 deep nourishment leave in) and sealed with coconut oil. Air dried.
9. Threading as protective style for bed. Covered in satin bonnet (satin pillowcase + scarf were wet).

Results so far: no breakage today when I finger detangled to bun this morning. New growth soft.

I am planning to oil scalp with castor oil tonight, and seal with castor oil. I will do inversions next week in order to try get more growth. I'm experiencing a lot of shrinkage, which makes me look like I am not getting any growth, when actually when bunning or when hair has DC I can see that it is longer.

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