Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wash day and Random Babble

Wash day came and went. I changed my products a bit this month, to see what will happen if I make a switch.

1. Prepoo'ed overnight with coconut oil.
2. Shampooed with sulfate free shampoo (Infusium 23 for colour treated hair) in 2 sections, and rinsed out
3. Did coffee rinse, rinsed out most of the coffee, but left in a little
4. Moisturising DC (Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Mask). Added a little EVOO on top of DC. Covered with shower cap for 2 hours (no heat). Rinsed out with cool water
5. T-shirt dried. When hair was damp applied leave in moisturizer
6. Since I wanted to flat iron, I didn't seal with an oil. Instead I applied my heat serum in sections
7. I blow dried my hair in sections on the cool setting until it was fully dry
8. I flat ironed the back sections of my hair, and then gave up when I was half done

But the blow drying worked on just making my hair less matted and more like hair. If I am going to stretch for 20+ weeks, blow drying will be part of my regimen (with heat protection serum of course) as needed.

I completed the 1 inch in 1 month inversion challenge on Hairlista. Overall, I would say I gained 1cm in length during that 1 week. Not bad considering 1 inch (2.5 cm) takes about 2 months to grow without any growth aids. I will do another week of inversions at the end of the month.

ION, yes, I went shopping after I got paid. I must say I am working on not buying anything and everything. This month I got: Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask (moisturising DC), avocado oil, ORS Heat Protection Serum (not sure if this is the actual name on the package), and a lot of hair candy. I bought epoxy pins, a ponytail holder, a sparkly hair pin, a headband and 2 silver hair clips. All this for the day I hit APL and hopefully have a reasonable bun.

I think I will start a Castor Oil and DC challenge for myself soon. I need to retain length if I am ever to get to APL by December


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