Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Come Back Time

My edges are making a comeback after a long time. They started disappearing when I got microbraids when I was doing A-Levels. Then they made a brief comeback when I was in uni and had a really awesome stylist who wasn't too rough on my hair and didn't style too tightly (if in Nairobi, go to Roysambu and look for Joan. She's really good). And then I started my HHJ last May after big chopping to a TWA. I did protective styles almost constantly, but my edges were always there. Then my first setback came along in November. I had gone to a salon at the hotel I was staying in (in Nairobi, avoid the salon at Hillpark Hotel). The stylist first tangled my hair up while washing it, and then ripped through the tangles with a blowdryer with the comb attachment. Further mistreatment of my hair happened when the cornrows were done too tightly. I took them out after 2 weeks, when they didn't loosen. But the damage was already done, my edges had receded. They grew back in, but have been fragile ever since.

 So I quit weaves (in June), and started babying my edges. I have been massaging in castor oil like a mad woman, and not touching up the edges when I do a relaxer. I also put away my combs, and reduced the amount of direct heat I use. The edges I lost to the cornrows made a comeback, and I started feeling encouraged. I kept on with the castor oil, but now rotating it with coconut oil, and then edges I last saw during A-Levels have started coming back in. My widow's peak is also
making a comeback. The hair is still pretty short and fine, just a few millimetres, but I can feel the fuzz now.

I am so happy I started taking care of my hair. I have fought against traction alopecia and I am winning the war. By this time next year, my edges should be really full, and healthy.

Now, to start educating the rest of my family on healthy hair practices...


  1. how is the family education going? most of my family is ignoring me right now... they think the hair is making me crazy.

    I would suggest keeping photos on your phone of your progress so that they listen.

    1. The family education is going slow. The only believer so far is my brother, the rest still think I'm talking trash. The photo idea is a great one, i just have to look for someone to snap the pics for me, maybe after my wash day tomorrow. HHJ!