Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Random Hair (and spider)Talk

Its a Wednesday, and normally my mid-week DC would have been done last night/this morning. However this didn't happen this week. Anyone who reads my other blog knows that I am scared to death of spiders. Unfortunately for me, too many spiders had invaded my bathroom. A large clan of tiny poisonous spiders had invaded my bathroom, and occasionally entertained visits from larger (and scarier) violin spiders. Normal bathroom routines where getting really scary, and I was getting really paranoid whenever I went into my bathroom. Imagine always feeling as if something was crawling up your leg while you are in the shower. Needless to say, wash days were becoming even more stressful to me (despite the regular posts). So yesterday I decided to let go of the fear and eliminate the spiders in my home. I bought insecticide that apparently had spider killing abilities and sprayed my bathroom when I got home. I sprayed my bathroom again before I went to bed, and this morning all the spiders were dead (including a ginormous violin spider that was visiting).

Violin Spider, Venomous Spider in Africa
Violin spider

So I got rid of my enemies, however my hair was neglected, and showing the effects. My hair was really dry and the new growth was starting to get all matted (weirdly this was only happening to the hair at the back of my head). So I moisturised my hair with VO5 moisturizing leave in. it's supposed to be only used on damp hair, but it seems to work pretty well on dry hair to. I didn't seal (was rushing), but just did a high bun. My bun is starting to get bigger, I must really be retaining length. However, I am not checking my length until my next touch up which will hopefully happen at the end of November.

I am definitely going on a week long hike in 24 days. That's right no showers and blistering cold for 6 days. So my hair care will be practically nil, which means I need a protective style for my hike. I'm deciding between box braids and cornrows (no extensions) for this. The box braids will help keep me warm :D and can last longer, but may get too heavy for me if I get altitude sickness. Cornrows will fit under my balaclava and will be easier to moisturize but will make me look too young, which I don't want since I am already the baby of the climbing group, and may get me kicked out of clubs when we celebrate our survival. I need to make a decision soon, so that I am ready for the climb.

Thats it from me, ciao


  1. EEEEKKKKKK.....I hate spiders, I can so relate to what you were going through. I let one have my bedroom the other day. Slept on the couch. Hope they're all gone.

  2. Hi Shirley. They are all finally gone. How did you get rid of the one in your room?