Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Random Hair Talk

So yesterday was my friend's birthday. We had a dinner for the birthday boy after work at the Cape Town Fish Market in Msasani, Dar. Let me tell you, that place looks fantastique!!! I simply had to try dress up a little and make my hair have a bit more oomph than what I do everyday. Now, I couldn't dress weirdly, since we had the wazees (grown ups, OK its odd for me to say that since we are in our 20s, we had parents) attending the dinner and also paying for it. After all, we are broke and waiting for our salaries to come in. So I decided to wear my extra skinny skinny jeans (so skinny my leg circulation gets cut off after some time) and  a long top that covered my muffin top and my beige studded sandals. Since my hair was still straight after the blow dry/threading over the weekend, I decided to pull it back into a swangin' and bangin' ponytail with my "skullcrusher". I had done a scalp massage with castor oil before pulling it up. Let me tell you my hair was looking really healthy. The ponytail was so thick and healthy and just made me so glad I started taking care of my hair. It even behaved that whole night. No puffing up into a giant frizz ball because of heat and humidity (thanks to the AC in the restaurant). The birthday dinner was also amazing, everyone had seafood. I splurged and had deep fried calamari and baby potatoes, while everyone else had prawns or mussels or surf n' turf. I even broke my alcohol fast to toast the birthday boy with champagne (last bit of alcohol I will have till after I finish my Mt Kilimanjaro climb). Although this morning I was exhausted and didn't want to get out of bed, the night made the exhaustion worth it.

I'm considering whether or not to DC my hair tonight. I only have enough DC left for one session, and if I don't get my salary this week, my hair will suffer thanks to a DC shortage in my house. If I DC, I won't do it on dry hair this time. I will really have to co-wash first so that I can save on my DC a little longer.

Mt Kilimanjaro is happening in 11 days. Yeah, this is actually happening. I really need to decide on a hairstyle suitable for mountain climbing. I have a feeling I will end up with cornrows, so that I can GHE under  my balaclava during summit day (and trap my head heat within the plastic bag more efficiently). It is also way faster to get cornrows, and will be less expensive too. And the stylists can't really complain much about my having too much hair. OK, that's settled. Cornrows it is for mountain climbing.

Speaking of the climb, I should start my September set of inversions this week, maybe tomorrow. Ok, definitely tomorrow. I won't be able to do inversions after an 8 hour hike, all I will want to do then is collapse in my sleeping bag. So I should complete them by next Wednesday, just before the climb commences.

After the climb, I think I will drop in on my mom and visit her. Her house is about 100km from Mt Kilimanjaro. Since we also have a long weekend after our descent, I might as well spend it being coddled by my mum. And maybe start shipping my stuff back to her house since my contract is almost over. She will be so proud of me finally having healthy hair. The last time she saw me was Easter, and I'm sure I had a weave on then.

I stopped taking my multivitamins this week. I had been having really awful nausea and tummy cramps last week. I think there was just too much going on, what with my antibiotics, iron supplements, birth control pill and multivitamin. I think I will ease into the multivitamins tonight before restarting the iron supplement, and see if it was the antibiotic that caused the nausea. At least I completed the antibiotic course.

Finally, I was so happy yesterday when I realized I still had about Tsh 80,000 (equivalent to USD 50) in my account. I wasn't that broke after all!!! Now I can afford to have lunch while waiting for my salary.

OK, enough babbling, time to get back to work.


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