Friday, 27 September 2013

Review of September Goals; October Goal Setting

Oh how time flies when you're having fun...

Or when you are pretty busy. Anyway, September is coming to an end, and October is starting soon. Which means its time to review my goals and set new ones.

September Goals:

1. Drink 2l of fluids of which 75% must be water. I must have been asleep and dreaming when I set this goal. I haven't gotten past 1 litre of fluids. I really need to start using my apps again. 0/5
2. Start personal castor oil challenge (massage castor oil into scalp 3 times a week, seal with castor oil) Success!! My hair actually grew between 1-2cm since September 1st. 5/5
3. Exercise daily ( 4 days of walking, 3 days of other workouts every week) Hahahahaha.... Talk about daydreams. I stopped walking last week, and only started doing other workouts this week. 2.5/5
4. Limit chocolate, cookie and soda intake to 1 serving a week I am addicted to sugar. So sue me. There are weeks when I had no sugar at all, then there are weeks when I had sugar everyday. 0/5
5. GHE once a week Success. I do it as part of my prepoo routine. 5/5

October Goals:

1. Drink 1.5l of fluids daily of which 75% must be water. Monitor water intake using MyFitnessPal or Water my Body app.
2. Join Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge at Ultimate level
3. Exercise each morning using Nike Training Club app
4. Monitor what I eat using MyFitnessPal
5. Waist measurement to drop to 26 inches from 30 inches
6. Low manipulation protective styling during the month

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