Monday, 9 September 2013

Wash Day (7th-8th September)

This is now starting to feel a bit monotonous, but I have to keep it up, so I know what I'm doing right, and where I might do better. My wash day got to be a bit long, thanks to a headache over the weekend. Here's what happened:

1. On Friday night, I continued with my Castor Oil Challenge. I massaged Castor Oil into my scalp, and then  used a little bit on my ends (after moisturizing with conditioner/water mix). I divided my hair into four sections, and as soon as I was done with one section, I twisted it up before moving on to the next section. I covered my hair with a shower cap, and did the GHE overnight.

2. Shampoo with Infusium 23 sulfate free shampoo (still in sections).
3. Tea rinse (black, green, peppermint and hibiscus tea bags in 2l of water). Let the tea sit for 4 minutes
4. Applied moisturizing DC (Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask) without rinsing out tea (still in sections. Finger detangled before wrapping hair with cling wrap and covering with shower cap. Left it in overnight

5. Rinsed out DC with cool water.
6. Wrapped in microfiber towel to dry
7. When hair was damp, sealed with coconut oil and damp bunned
8. Later when hair was 90% dry, I massaged castor oil into scalp, and sealed ends with castor oil. Wrapped in satin scarf for bed.

The delayed effects of my inversion kicked in last week. I feel like my hair has grown but I will have to measure to check whether what I feel is really true. I am now 8 weeks post texlax, and the amount of shrinkage I have after washing my hair, shows me I do have a bit of growth going on, though its not too obvious thanks to my underprocessed hair.The Castor Oil Challenge is going pretty well, I managed the full 3 days of scalp massages last week.

That's it for now, till the next post

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