Monday, 2 September 2013

Wash Day, product buys and random hair talk

So this last Saturday was a busy one.  I had to attend two events at opposite sides of town in one night, I had to work on Saturday morning, and do my shopping. My wash day was just crazy, but I didn't want to delay it to Sunday, since I wanted to go to my events with clean hair. So here's how wash day went down:

1. Prepoo overnight with eucalyptus, olive and sunflower oil mix on scalp and on ends
2. Shampoo with Infusium 23 shampoo in 4 sections
3. Coffee rinse, let coffee sit for 3 minutes
4. DC (Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask) without rinsing out coffee. Covered with plastic bag for 2 hours while I did my nails
5. Rinsed out DC, t-shirt dried till hair was damp. Applied leave in, and heat protection serum. Blow dried on low setting while combing out with wide toothed comb till hair was slightly damp

My hair style on Saturday night was pretty simple. I just put it a head band and wore my hair down. Like I mentioned earlier, I had to attend two events that night. The first event was an alumni get together at a hotel about 20km from my place. The traffic was crazy, and it took me 40 minutes to get there. And when I got there, I found out that dinner was going to be outdoors, and I had worn my hair down -___-.  Since it was right on the beach, it was windy and humid. By the time I left the dinner to go to my next event, my hair had frizzed up into a huge afro (I miss bone straight relaxers now). The event I was going to was a fashion show 25km from where I was. Thanks to even crazier traffic, it took us over an hour to get to town, and we ended up missing the actual runway event. So I just strutted my afro around at the after party, and I have to say, my hair looked extremely healthy and thick, while all around me I saw weaves and very few people with their own hair. And then when I got home and took out my head band, I realized that it had gotten broken sometime that evening. Yes, my hair frizzed up and ended up breaking my head band. Another reason I will not go natural anytime soon.

I have started my personal castor oil challenge this month. I will massage castor oil 3 times a week into my scalp and edges, and also use it to seal after moisturizing. The challenge will last until the 30th of November, which is when I will do my final touch up for the year. And hopefully I will be at my goal length of APL by then, thanks to the castor oil challenge, inversion challenge, and DC challenge.

ION, the month of August ended, which means I finally got paid, and could get new products and tools for my stash. I couldn't find my usual moisturizing DC so I ended up purchasing two L'Oreal DCs, one is a moisturizing DC and the second is a protein DC. I haven't used them yet, but once I do, I will review them. I also got the Tresemme conditioner. I want to try it out as a co-wash and a leave in, and see whether I should add it onto my conditioner rotation. I also haven't started using it. I will review after using it. I got more crocodile clips, after one of the ones I had got broken (this is becoming a theme with my hair now). I also got a storage container in which I keep my hair accessories, combs, brushes and clips. I think I will need another with partitions so I can separate everything by function. I also finally found shea butter, weirdly enough in a shop that sells mobile phones. Its 100% East African shea butter. I have used it once so far to try do the LOC method, but I will review whether my hair likes it or not after consistent use.

That's it for today, ciao...

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