Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wash Day Saga

I was so happy when it was finally Friday. My hair was tangled and starting to get that awesome (NOT!!!) dreadlock look at the roots. I was longing for washday so that I could detangle my hair once and for all. Here's what went down

Friday night
1. Scalp massage with castor oil before oiling hair with coconut oil and detangling with fingers. Braided up each detangled section. Covered with shower cap for overnight GHE

Saturday morning
2. Clarifying shampoo with Protein Feed shampoo ( in 4 sections)
3. Tea rinse (black, green, peppermint, hibiscus) still in sections
4. Light protein DC (L'Oreal Deep Nourishing Sulfate free system conditioner) overnight and comb detangled

Sunday morning
5. Rinsed out DC with cool water while combing out hair
6. Tshirt dried till hair was damp
7. Applied leave in (Vo5 moisturizing leave in) and divided hair into 4 sections
8. Applied ORS heat protection serum to each section before blow drying on cool setting
9. Threaded hair in 8 sections for it to completely air dry

Hopefully this will stop the matting for a bit. That's if the humidity won't revert my hair before Tuesday. This wash day was also my first wash day in about 3 weeks when I detangled with a comb. The amount of hair that I lost made me feel depressed.

The castor oil challenge will continue on Monday evening when I will do the LOC method, as well as a scalp massage with castor oil. I think I will start the September set of inversions this week, I can't delay too much since doing inversions while mountain climbing seems nearly impossible

Please pray for my adopted country Kenya. It's a country with people who really make you one of their own, they deserve peace and healing.

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