Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hair Update

So I had the same ol' wash day, which means that coz of the way I'm so busy at work, I cannot post about it. But just an update on what I'm doing with my hair.

1. I am back on the inversion challenge starting from today. I really want to hit APL by the end of this year, so the inversion challenge is a great way to just give my growth rate that tiny nudge.

2. I am taking part in the Castor Oil challenge on Hairlista. I am doing the Ultimate level which means I oil my scalp with castor oil every other day, seal with castor oil and DC with 1 teaspoon of castor oil in my mix. Castor Oil is the magic oil for my hair, it just helps keep the moisture in for longer and reduce tangling and matting when I am deep into a stretch (almost 16 weeks post). This helps me retain my length better and keep my ends healthier. It's also helping to revive my edges, I actually found hair in a hairless place thanks to it. So far it's going great. It's keeping my moisture balance at that perfect level.

3. I just joined the GAHL Hair Challenge 2013. This challenge is just to make sure I keep up with healthy hair practices. Just those little things that help you in keeping up with a good regimen. Like sleeping with a silk or satin scarf on your head, or using heat minimally. This will help in length retention and just keeping my ends in a healthy state.

These three challenges will be the basis of my regimen until I touch up my roots, and length check. Fingers crossed I will be at my goal for 2013 by the end of November.


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