Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mid Week DC, mini length check and Random Hair Talk

I did my mid week DC last night/this morning. I first massaged castor oil onto my scalp, and onto my ends, and let it sit for a couple of hours before putting the DC on top. I rinsed it out this morning and my relaxed ends are really happy while my NG is shrinking like crazy.
Mini Length Check... So close to my goal of APL
I also did a mini length check when my hair was weighed down by the DC. It was sort of straight, and it looks like I'm close to my Dec 2013 goal of APL. Yaaaay!!!! It's like only centimetres away. If I keep up with my DC game to retain length, and do the inversion method, I will be APL by December. Not full APL, but APL in the back which is what I'm aiming for.

As I did the DC I thought about the things I learnt about my hair during this journey, and these are the things that came to mind:

1. My hair loves castor oil. It seals in the moisture perfectly.
2. I have very low porosity hair. I did the porosity test and my hair was still floating after 2 days.
3. I cannot get away with not cleansing my scalp every week. My scalp itches a lot if I do not wash weekly.
4. I have a lot of hair. Like a lot. Stylists hate my hair coz they have to take so much time to do it
5. My hair grows better if it is not under extensions or weaves. It needs daily attention.
6. Heat isn't the enemy. Heat helps reduce the matting of NG when I'm stretching.
7. Ditto for cones. Cones give me slip, making it easier to detangle.
8. Ditto for sulfates. If I shampoo once, my hair won't feel stripped.
9. Effects of inversion method will kick in the week after I complete inversions.
10. Shrinkage. Currently my hair shrinks to NL, even though I am close to APL.
11. Normal growth rate is slow. I get about 1/4 inch of growth each month (with no growth aids)
12. My hair grows in a V-shape. It's not split ends that cause the different lengths in my hair
13. My texlaxed hair blends perfectly with my NG
14. My ends don't need to be trimmed that often to stay healthy
15. Protein isn't my best friend. Protein treatments once a month for my relaxed ends is all I need.

Ciao for now :)

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