Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review of October Goals, November Goals

It's Halloween in other parts of the world, and its just an ordinary Thursday where I am sitting. However, one thing all places have in common is that its the last day of the month, which means its time for me to review my goals for October and set new ones for November. Right, here we go:

October Goals
1. Drink 1.5l of fluids daily of which 75% must be water. Monitor water intake using MyFitnessPal or Water my Body app. Hmmm, 2/5 for this. I drank about 2.5l a day when I was mountain climbing but my intake dropped when I got home and discovered my friend had drunk all my water and I was broke (tap water definitely not safe, unless if you want to get typhoid). So I give myself 2/5 due to circumstances beyond my control
2. Join Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge at Ultimate level 5/5 I started the challenge on time, and its going well
3. Exercise each morning using Nike Training Club app 1/5 After mountain climbing I wanted to stay fit. Unfortunately I was not feeling well during the first week then I was just plain lazy the next week
4. Monitor what I eat using MyFitnessPal 1/5 I just keep forgetting
5. Waist measurement to drop to 26 inches from 30 inches 0/5 I'm now at 29 inches
6. Low manipulation protective styling during the month 5/5 Box braids and buns only!!!

After a largely unsuccessful October, I need to set goals for success in November

1. Drink 1.5l of fluids of which at least 80% must be water. Monitor using Water my Bidy app daily
2. GHE each time I massage castor oil onto my scalp
3. Exercise daily (Nike Training Club, jogging or yoga). Monitor workouts using MyFitnessPal and Lift apps
4. Use MyFitnessPal daily to monitor what I eat
5. Waist measurement to drop to 26 inches from 29 inches
6. Massage edges daily with castor oil

OK, bring on November now. I'm ready for it!!!

Ciao :)

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