Monday, 21 October 2013

Wash Day Saga

I swear this wash day was the best thing I did since getting back from Mt Kilimanjaro.

1. Prepoo'ed on Friday morning with coconut oil. After work divided hair into 4 sections with clips. Everything was done in sections until DC
2. Shampooed twice with Protein Feed shampoo. Yes, my scalp was that dirty, and my ends really needed to be clarified. I finally finished the shampoo after having it in my stash for a year
3. Tea rinse (2 bags black, green, peppermint, hibiscus tea + 1 tablespoon rosemary). Let it sit for 5 minutes
4. Moisturising DC (Darbur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask) without rinsing out tea. Detangled with widetooth comb section by section. I had a lot of knots and matting. Covered DC with shower cap and left it in overnight
5. Rinsed out DC with cool water (still detangling with wide tooth comb)
6. T-shirt dried for 45 minutes, before applying leave in (VO5 moisturizing leave in). I wanted to blow dry my hair in order to get rid of the matting. So I applied my heat protectant (ORS heat protection serum), and blow dried the back sections of my head detangling with a wide tooth comb. By the time I finished detangling the back, I realized that the heat in my room was working better than the blowdryer. So I just comb detangled the front sections without using direct heat and pulled my hair into a ponytail.
7. Yesterday evening, I did a scalp massage with a mix of castor oil and eucalyptus oil. I moisturized with my home made mix (tresemme conditioner, aloe vera juice, glycerin and water), sealed with castor oil and shea butter. My hair feels very soft today, and had no tangles #win

I am currently 14 weeks post, and I hope that I can stretch for another 4 weeks. I hope I can touch up on the 23rd of November, coz I have a big work event the following weekend, and I want my hair to be at its best. I hope I won''t be forced to touch up before this date

The humidity in Dar is not so much fun. My hair is frizzing up into a big puff, and I look as if I have never seen a relaxer my whole life. I wish my hair would frizz up after work, not while I'm in the office.

I am back on the castor oil challenge, and I am ready to get my hair to the goal of APL by the end of this year.

I am still looking for scissors for my hair so I can start doing search and destroy. My ends are quite healthy, but I need them to be in optimum condition

That's it for now, ciao

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