Monday, 18 November 2013

Relaxer at 18 weeks post

I finally did my texlax after a long and agonizing 18 week stretch. I did have a brief thought about transitioning to natural, until the matting in my roots made me reach for the relaxer kit.

I did a self texlax at home, using the Dark and Lovely Scalp Comfort No-Lye box kit. The entire relaxer jar, since I had quite a bit of growth, and didn't want to be stingy with the relaxer. Here's what went down.

1. Two days before the relaxer (Thursday) I oiled my scalp using castor oil and detangled my roots using a wide tooth comb. I also put a bit of castor oil on my ends, just to keep the moisture in.

2. I wanted to do the touch up on Friday night, but I ended up getting home late from work. So I decided to base my scalp only that night with a thick layer of Vaseline. I also separated my hair into the four quadrants for the touch up.

3. Before the touch up I applied conditioner (Tresemme Intense Hydration) onto the entire length of my hair, from root to tip. Then I used an old product from pre HHJ days (Miadi Moisturizing lotion). This product has mineral oil and I thought it would be perfect for protecting my already relaxed ends.

4. I then mixed up the products I wanted to use during the relaxer. One was my protein DC with coconut oil, and the other one was my moisturizing DC with castor oil. I also mixed the activator cream into the relaxer and added conditioner, since I was planning a texlax

5. I applied the relaxer onto my NG starting with the right quadrant at the back and moving clockwise from there, ending with my nape.The entire application of relaxer took me 12 minutes. I smoothed the NG with my fingers for a couple of minutes. The relaxer cream was on my hair for max 15 minutes.

6. I started rinsing out the relaxer cream using lukewarm water. At this stage I was really worried because I thought I had relaxed bone straight. 

7. I did a mid step protein treatment using my protein DC mix. I let it sit for a couple of minutes (as I rushed outside to switch to the tank supply coz we had a water cut) before rinsing out.

8. I started neutralizing the relaxer using the color signal neutralizing shampoo I bought during my last product haul. I neutralized 6 times (I am paranoid like that). As I kept shampooing and rinsing, I could feel the the texture coming back into my hair. I was so relieved I hadn't over processed. 

9. I did a moisturizing DC using the mix. This was the time when things got really serious. I had to detangle thoroughly so that my texlaxed roots didn't get matted. It took me an hour to detangle with the DC still in my hair. I rinsed out the DC, and t-shirt dried my hair

10. Applied leave in (VO5 moisturizing DC) sealed with coconut oil, and decided to air dry using African threading. My hair is currently in the threads. From what I could see when my hair was detangled and had DC in it, my length is now officially grazing APL. I finally left the SL plateau I was stuck in for most of the year.

I will upload pictures of my actual length when I flat iron for a work event at the end of the month.


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