Monday, 4 November 2013

Wash Day Saga and Product Junkieism

I am such a product junkie (hanging head in shame). I got paid last week and I went crazy in the toiletries aisle of my local supermarket. Here's what I got to add to my hair care arsenal:

1. Dark and Lovely After Relaxer Color Signal Shampoo
2. Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Clarifying Shampoo
3. Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask
4. Vatika Naturals Intensive Nourishment Hot Oil Treatment
5. Vatika Naturals
6. Coconut Oil
7. Castor Oil
8. Chamomile and Fennel Teas
9. Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Split End Protector
10. Scissors

After my shopping spree, I decided to start on my wash day. I switched things up a bit, so here's what I did:

1. Prepooed overnight with coconut oil under a shower cap. Divided hair into 4 sections, which I kept until the DC
2. Shampoo with Infusium 23 sulfate free shampoo
3. Tea rinse (peppermint, fennel, chamomile, hibiscus and rosemary)
4. Applied castor oil mixed with eucalyptus on the length of my hair
5. Applied DC (Vatika Naturals Garlic Mask). Wrapped in cling wrap, covered with shower cap and woolly hat overnight
6. Rinsed out DC, t-shirt dried until 80% dry
7. Applied leave in (VO5 moisturising leave in) and sealed with coconut oil)
8. Threaded to dry
9. After my hair was fully air dried, I oiled my scalp with castor oil, and dusted my ends

I started a round of inversions last Tuesday to help boost my growth rate. The hair at the back of my head is grazing APL already, which means my goal for this year is just about achieved.

I am planning to end my stretch at 20 weeks post on the 23rd/24th of November. I have a major event coming up, which means I need less poof to my roots for it. I will self relax, and texlax as usual. I will do a post on my relaxer prep as I get closer to the date.

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