Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wash Day Saga: Mid-Week DC

May the hair gods forgive me for what I did in the last few weeks. I have not been doing my mid-week DC at all for a while now. At first, it was because my hair had so much growth it was getting too tangled. Then, I didn't do my mid-week DC because I had flat-ironed and didn't want my hair to revert. Now, after my recent texlax, I need to get moisture into my strands.

My hair was feeling drier than the Sahara desert yesterday (with some slight breakage), so I decided to do a DC after work. I divided my hair into two sections and applied EVOO onto the hair. I also massaged in the EVOO into my edges. After that, I applied the DC (Darbur Vatika Naturals Deep Conditioning treatment for dull, dry lifeless hair). I made sure I didn't apply too much DC onto my hair (like I usually do). I covered my head with a shower cap, added a stocking and a woolly hat on top to trap the heat generated by my body and went to bed. This morning I rinsed out the DC with cool water, and t-shirt dried while getting ready for work. I applied my VO5 moisturizing leave in conditioner, sealed with castor oil and did a bit of detangling with my wide toothed comb. After this, I damp bunned and headed out for work.

My hair feels happier and more moisturized now. I will have to have a proper M&S session tonight after work though.

Sometimes, a little water is all we need to make our hair happier...


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