Monday, 25 November 2013

Wash Day Saga: One Week Post Relaxer

As you all know, I did my relaxer last weekend. I used a no-lye box kit, which means that there were calcium deposits left on my hair after the relaxer. This mineral build up meant that: 

i. My hair wasn't able to absorb moisture properly (and I already have low porosity hair), which led to
ii. I was experiencing some slight breakage.

It wasn't the kind of breakage that is scary, but I knew that if I didn't do something about it, I would lose the length I had managed to gain during my stretch and may lead to a setback. So I decided to do a hardcore wash day. Here's what happened

1. Prepoo overnight with EVOO on my ends and covering it with a shower cap. The next morning my hair was easy to finger detangle. I oiled with coconut oil and bunned coz I had to go shopping for my dress for this big dinner we are having at work on Friday evening.

2. Finger detangled again and divided hair into 4 sections using claw clips. 

3. Clarifying shampoo (HE Fresh Balance Clarifying shampoo) on scalp first before running lather on ends. Rinsed out shampoo.

4. Instant conditioned with Tresemme Intense Hydration conditioner. Rinsed out conditioner

5. Tea rinse (1 bag green, hibiscus, fennel and peppermint tea + 2 bags chamomile and black tea + i tablespoon rosemary). I just realized why I had crazy shedding recently. I hadn't done a proper tea rinse using black tea in about 3 weeks. The last tea rinse I did was very herbal in nature, chamomile, fennel, peppermint and hibiscus. Conclusion: black tea rinses really do work for me 

6. Over night DC with Darbur Vatika Naturals Deep Conditioning Mask for Dull, Dry Hair. 

7. Rinsed out 80% of DC with cool water. T-shirt dried until damp. Applied leave in (VO5 moisturising leave in conditioner) and sealed with castor oil. Air dried in African threading for a few hours

8. I had to go pick up a friend who lives at the other side of town so that we could go watch Catching Fire. So I ended up doing a high bun (my hair was still not completely dry) before going to see what was happening in Panem, I also imagined myself with a Katniss braid (by the time Mockingjay part 2 is released my hair has to be long enough to do that style). 

The clarifying shampoo was just what the hair gods ordered. My hair is breaking off anymore, and thanks to the DC I didn't fully rinse out, my hair feels moisturised perfectly. I will spend my free time this week researching updos I can do for the big work dinner on Friday evening. I hope I can find the perfect up do


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