Monday, 11 November 2013

Wash Day Saga: Relaxer Preparation

I am ready to end my stretch now. I am almost 18 weeks post, and I had toyed with transitioning to natural for a bit during the stretch. But I decided to texlax when I realized the matting in my NG was getting a little bit too much, as well as the shedding. So this week's wash day was meant to get my hair ready for the texlax next weekend. Here's what happened:

1. Shampoo with Herbal Essences Fresh Balance clarifying shampoo. There was no electricity when I got home on Friday evening so I ended up doing my entire wash day with cold water -____-

2. Protein DC with Vatika Naturals Intensive Nourishment. This DC has egg, castor oil, and marrow. Left it in for an hour and rinsed out

3. Moisturizing DC with Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask mixed with castor oil. Left it in overnight

4. Rinsed out and t-shirt dried until 80% damp. Applied VO5 moisturizing leave in and air dried fully in African threading (12 sections)

5. Undid one section at a time, and detangled before applying ORS Heat Protection Serum. Flat ironed  each section on the lowest heat setting focusing on the roots.

6. Oiled scalp with castor oil focusing on edges. Wrapped scarf for bed.

My hair feels soft and strong. My only concern this week was the massive amount of shedding. I'm surprised I still have hair on my head. My scalp feels normal after the wash day, not tender or anything, so I can do the relaxer without any worries. I am going to texlax again, but I will leave out my edges

That's it for this wash day, I will be back with the relaxer update soon.


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