Monday, 2 December 2013

Review of November Goals, December Goals

Time is seriously moving fast. Where has the year gone??? Anyway, since it's the beginning of December, it means that it's time for me to set my goals for this month so I can end the year on a high. 

Time to review last month's goals...

1. Drink 1.5l of fluids of which at least 80% must be water. Monitor using Water my Body app daily 5/5, I actually managed an average of 2l of fluids a day of which 1.5l was water. Whoop, whoop!!!
2. GHE each time I massage castor oil onto my scalp 2/5 I only did the GHE during the first 2 weeks of the month. 
3. Exercise daily (Nike Training Club, jogging or yoga). Monitor workouts using MyFitnessPal and Lift apps 1/5 almost a total fail. I haven't done a serious workout for the past 2 weeks because work was crazy
4. Use MyFitnessPal daily to monitor what I eat 0/5 I always forget to do this
5. Waist measurement to drop to 26 inches from 29 inches  0/5 still on 29 inches
6. Massage edges daily with castor oil 3/5 I have been forgetting to do this for the past 2 weeks

It's finally December. I will be going to ZImbabwe in a couple of weeks, so my goals will focus more on being consistent with my regimen when I'm surrounded by family. I solemnly swear an oath to:

1. Drink 2l of fluids every day. Dehydration is not good for us
2. Avoid alcohol during the holiday season
3. M&S 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
4. DC at least once a week
5. Protective style 90% of the time (cornrows, buns, weaves)
6. Massage edges with castor oil daily
7. Work out 3x a week
8. Avoid using heat this month, no matter how much temptation I get to use my heat tools

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