Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wash Day Saga

So I decided to do my wash day a couple of days early rather than miss it. I'm moving this weekend to my mum's house (600km away) before going home for Christmas. That sounds confusing I know. Well, my mum is an expat in Tanzania, and she kept our old house in Zimbabwe which is where we will be celebrating Christmas this year. Anyhoo, one of my resolutions this months is to stay consistent with my regimen, hence the wash day happening on Wednesday night/Thursday morning instead of on Saturday. Here's what happened...

1. I decided to start doing hair oiling (like what the Indians do). So on Tuesday night I oiled my hair using EVOO while finger detangling before wrapping my hair in my satin scarf for bed.

2. After work on Wednesday, I finger detangled using coconut oil, before covering my head with a shower cap for about 2 hours.

3. Finger detangled again and divided my hair into 4 sections for the wash day using claw clips.

4. Shampooed once with Infusium 23 sulfate free shampoo on scalp. I let the lather clean my ends while rinsing out the shampoo

5. Tea rinse (green, peppermint, chamomile and hibiscus tea + rosemary infused water)

6. DC with Darbur Vatika Naturals Deep Conditioning Mask for dull, dry lifeless hair overnight

7. Rinsed out DC with cool water and t-shirt dried

8. Applied leave in (HE LTR Split End Protector for long hair. Sealed with coconut oil before comb detangling. Damp bunned for work

Anyway, I'm going to be offline for a bit as I complete my move.


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