Friday, 24 January 2014

The Love of Selfies is the Root of Rule Breaking

My title says it all. Thanks to my love of selfies and wanting permanently camera ready hair, I have decided to break my rule of no weaves till May and have one installed next week.

First of let me just get one thing straight. I love my own hair. Its thick, healthy and is currently APL. I just want a weave coz my hair now starts acting up coz I am almost 10 weeks into my stretch. And it really spoils the fun of doing selfies when your hair is throwing a tantrum. The new growth is also killing me, and detangling is no longer much fun. Since I want this stretch to last until May so that I can have freshly texlaxed hair by the time  my birthday rolls around in June. I am also sick of bunning at the moment. I haven't done any other style since October's box braids and I really want a change.

Okay, that has (hopefully) cleared the air. So onto my weave installation prep. I am going to do a clarifying shampoo tomorrow, and a protein DC then a moisturising DC. After this, I will break out the heat so that my hair will be easy to detangle when I go to the salon on Monday. I will blow dry ( and attempt using the tension method for the first time) before flat ironing my texlaxed hair and NG (bone straight hair doesn't need extra straightening, right?)I will wear it straight until the weave is installed.

I want a weave that completely covers my hair, no leave out (except my edges). I am thinking maybe some bangs as well to frame my face, that's my signature weave style after all. I will be watching the stylist like a hawk, I do not want to experience a setback from too tight braiding or having my hair combed through with a rat tail comb. I already have the hair, my mum had bought itas abirthday present. It's straight, and I think will be about the same length as my own hair when fully straightened.

I am also joining Curly Eva's challenge (as soon as I mail her the pics). It's a great way to stick to regimen basics, and also see what everyone else is doing to maintain. And the goodies she is giving away to the winners sound amazing to a PJ like moi. Which reminds me, I need to go to her shop and stock up on products :)


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hilarious Hair Experience

So on Monday I was on my way home from Harare. I live in Norton, so the ride (in public transport) takes close to an hour on a good day. So while I was on my way home I saw the most luscious, juicy afro puff ever. You know, the kind that makes you want to shave off all your relaxed/texlaxed strands and go natural in the hope that you will one day have hair like that. So the lady with the puff was sitting in front of me so I couldn't ask her about her hair practices, or compliment her on her really excellently kept hair. I just held in my comments and questions, waiting for an opportunity to talk to her.

And then, seemingly, my prayers were answered. Someone sitting in the row in front of me had to get off the ride, meaning that she had to move to that row. Here was my chance to talk to her. As she turned around to move to the back of the taxi, I got the shock of my life. That luscious, juicy afro puff was just a hair piece. Her own hair was overprocessed, broken off, greasy and just not well maintained. I felt so crushed by the level of betrayal. How could she get me into HHJ mod only to crush my hops and dreams.


Moral  of the story is: Never get too excited by great looking hair until you see the condition of the whole head of hair


Monday, 20 January 2014

Quickie Update

So I have started experiencing the whole negative HHJ comments :(. When I started my HHJ I was lucky enough in that I was living alone, and could pamper my hair without anyone telling me anything negative.

Then this weekend as I was about to go wash my hair, my mum said that I am washing my hair way too much (once a week). I told her that I can't handle having  a dirty scalp, and washing once a week helps to reduce my scalp itching. Then my aunt says to my mum "Yvette has really lovely long hair, but she buys too many different products for it and applies way too much of them in her hair" (rough translation). And I just thought, the nerve of this woman. She was asking me for advice on how to grow her hair, and she takes my advice negatively.

Anyway, I have been keeping up with my regimen so far. I had carried my fave DCs and coconut oil when I left Tanzania so that's what I'm still using. I am dreading the time when I need to buy new DCs coz I have to start experimenting again to find a product that works. So annoying when I had products that really worked for my hair.

I am now 9 weeks post relaxer. My next relaxer is supposed to be in May, by which time I would have hopefully retained enough length and be at BSB by then. The growth is already driving me crazy, what with the shrinkage, and tangling. I guess I have to hide my hair soon in a protective style, but I'm not sure about what style to do. Maybe I will have two strand twists or box braids done without extensions, and then I will wig it. I need a style that will allow me to keep DCing and just maintain my hair.

That's it for now, more as soon as I manage to get back online.


Friday, 17 January 2014

Hello 2014

Sorry to any regular readers, I haven't been able to update my blog and what not until now. This is coz I moved from Tanzania back home to Zim, and I had to visit all my relatives, and now I am pounding the streets searching for a job. This means my updates will be few and far in between, but hopefully once I have settled in, I will be able to post a bit more regularly.

So 2013 ended a few weeks ago. 2013 was the year I started taking the whole healthy hair journey thing seriously and tried getting my hair back into shape, and hopefully gain length as well.

My end year length target for 2013 was APL, and I reached it (sort of, I'm now grazing APL). What worked for me in 2013 was the weekly DCs, the long stretches (a total of 3 relaxers in the year) and texlaxing. I also started doing all my hair stuff on my own instead of depending on a stylist who did more harm than good to my hair. I also jumped onto a few bandwagons during the year, namely tea rinsing, inversions, and GHE. The tea rinses and inversions worked really well, I credit them with getting my hair to grazing APL from NL. The GHE was a miss, coz I overdid it and ended up with moisture overload :(. Too much of a good thing isn't the best in the world after all.

2014 is a fresh new year, and I will celebrate 2 years post BC in May. My end year length target this year is BSL. I am thinking big, and I will really need to retain, retain and retain to get there. What I will do this year is to do 6 month stretches, so that I will only do 2 relaxers during the year. I am also going to do the inversion method each month, and have a grand length reveal at the end of the year. I am also using the Wild Growth Hair Oil, to try boost my growth. It seems to be working, since my edges are filling in faster. I also plan to have my edges back in, and healthier, which means avoiding hairstyles that involve too much tension.

I also did a mini product haul this year when I went to Jeen'z shop on the 2nd floor of the Travel Plaza  in Harare. I met fellow hair obsessed ladies there while stocking up. I bought a conditioning cap, a wide toothed comb, the Wild Growth Hair Oil and Elasta QP Mango Butter moisturiser. I am already using everything I bought and I will try to post reviews once I get enough time to do so.

That's it for the moment, let me get back to job hunting.

Have a great 2014 :)