Friday, 24 January 2014

The Love of Selfies is the Root of Rule Breaking

My title says it all. Thanks to my love of selfies and wanting permanently camera ready hair, I have decided to break my rule of no weaves till May and have one installed next week.

First of let me just get one thing straight. I love my own hair. Its thick, healthy and is currently APL. I just want a weave coz my hair now starts acting up coz I am almost 10 weeks into my stretch. And it really spoils the fun of doing selfies when your hair is throwing a tantrum. The new growth is also killing me, and detangling is no longer much fun. Since I want this stretch to last until May so that I can have freshly texlaxed hair by the time  my birthday rolls around in June. I am also sick of bunning at the moment. I haven't done any other style since October's box braids and I really want a change.

Okay, that has (hopefully) cleared the air. So onto my weave installation prep. I am going to do a clarifying shampoo tomorrow, and a protein DC then a moisturising DC. After this, I will break out the heat so that my hair will be easy to detangle when I go to the salon on Monday. I will blow dry ( and attempt using the tension method for the first time) before flat ironing my texlaxed hair and NG (bone straight hair doesn't need extra straightening, right?)I will wear it straight until the weave is installed.

I want a weave that completely covers my hair, no leave out (except my edges). I am thinking maybe some bangs as well to frame my face, that's my signature weave style after all. I will be watching the stylist like a hawk, I do not want to experience a setback from too tight braiding or having my hair combed through with a rat tail comb. I already have the hair, my mum had bought itas abirthday present. It's straight, and I think will be about the same length as my own hair when fully straightened.

I am also joining Curly Eva's challenge (as soon as I mail her the pics). It's a great way to stick to regimen basics, and also see what everyone else is doing to maintain. And the goodies she is giving away to the winners sound amazing to a PJ like moi. Which reminds me, I need to go to her shop and stock up on products :)


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  1. Hey ZimChiq i love the blog Good luck and Happy Hair Growing we can do this