Monday, 17 February 2014

How To: Do Your HHJ on A Budget

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I hope y'all had a great weekend. I definitely enjoyed mine to the max :).

Over the weekend, I realized that many people I meet reject the whole HHJ concept because they think its way too expensive. Well, I decided to do a post on how to start a HHJ on a budget so that people can see its possible to have healthy hair even when your finances are not too good.

1. Use a sulfate shampoo. Yes, we are all told sulfates are the devil, but they are what worked best for me when I started out on my HHJ. And they are cheaper than a sulfate free shampoo. Just make sure you dilute your poo so it doesn't strip your hair too much, and also apply the shampoo to your scalp only. Shampoo is meant to cleanse your scalp, so use it there. Let the runoff from your scalp be what cleans your hair. Then clarify only when product build up becomes too much.

2. Buy only a moisturizing DC. In my experience, it is easier to find ingredients for making a protein treatment (eggs, mayo, bananas, avocados) at home than those for a moisturizing DC. So my advice is to save your pennies and buy a commercial moisturizing DC. It doesn't have to be all fancy and expensive, I used the Dark and Lovely Cholesterol Treatment for 3 months with great results. It just has to be able to do the job. Just make sure your hair gets the protein it needs by occasionally whipping up your own protein DC mix at home.

3. Instant conditioner + water = leave in/moisturizer. I swear by this one, as I used it a lot when I couldn't find any commercial leave ins or moisturizers. And because you will be diluting the conditioner, it will last longer. Just don't dilute it all at once, otherwise it will go bad.

4. Buy one oil. Go for the tried and tested ones like coconut, olive or castor oil. I would suggest either coconut or olive since they are penetrating oils and can get some of their goodness into your strands. Castor oil is also excellent for those who want to regain their edges or thicken their strands. I always stick to either castor oil or coconut oil.

5. Stretch your relaxers. Stretching relaxers is a good way to save your cash. Think about it. Instead of buying your relaxer every 6 weeks and and spending a lot of cash, you can relax fewer times during the year, save cash and have healthier hair because you won't overlap your relaxer. Yes, your hair won't be as laid, and stretching is not for the fainthearted but your wallet and hair will thank you for it.

6. Protective styles. This one is a bit tricky. I live in a country where people have a weave or braids installed for a minimum of 3 months without caring for their hair at all. The results are broken, split and thin hair that really doesn't look good. So do your protective styles but remember to care for your hair underneath. Clean your scalp, moisturize and DC as much as possible. Also, don't keep in a protective style for more than 8 weeks. After taking it down, do a protein treatment, and let your hair rest for about 2 weeks before stressing it with a chemical treatment or another protective style.

Well, that's what I think is necessary when doing a HHJ on a budget. Anyone else with more ideas?


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