Friday, 14 February 2014

Quick Update

Hello everyone,
First of all, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I have been the Scrooge equivalent of this day for some years but this year I am just starting out what might turn out to be a new relationship so I feel tres excited.

Hair wise, today I decided to do a low side ponytail using a red satin ribbon. Yeah, I know I'm buying into all this Valentine's day hype, but at least that's the only bit of red I have today. I first moisturized with my Elasta QP Mango butter (that stuff is just the best), detangled with a wide tooth comb and sealed with Wild Growth hair oil. I had a slight bit of breakage this morning, thanks to the fact that my hair was a bit too dry. But I think the M&S session I had this morning will just keep my hair happy enough until Saturday.

This weekend, I'm going off to see my new boo. He lives in a city that's 5 hours away from mine, so just getting a chance to see each other is exciting. Now, he hasn't seen my real hair yet, he has only seen me in a weave. I don't know what his reaction will be when he sees my mane. Anyway, since I won't be able to do my wash day on Saturday as usual, I carried my Elasta QP Mango butter, castor oil and wide tooth comb for M&S and detangling sessions. I also have my scarf so that I won't dry out my ends too much. I will do a co-wash on Sunday, hopefully that will help me hold out until next weekend when I can do a proper wash day.


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