Thursday, 20 February 2014

Upcoming Protective Style

Hello lovies,

I'm coming up to week 14 post relaxer, and I have to say the NG is co-operating. I have about 2 inches of NG curled up, then another 5/6 inches of texlaxed hair and a few inches of bone straight hair to round it off. I haven't been having too many problems managing the three textures, except a little breakage of the bone straight ends, but since my last date with my shears and some protein that has been dealt with.

I have managed to go on with my stretch by doing minimal manipulation and lots of moisture. I have been only finger combing and bunning, and I have been GHEing like a crazy woman. I also did a few mini steams (hot towel over my head during my morning shower). All this has helped in keeping the thirsty roots moisturised.

But now that my hair is having major shrinkage (I barely managed to do a ponytail this morning) I have been thinking of doing a new PS. I really want to retain a lot of length this year, and a PS would be a good way to just let my hair be and let it grow without much manipulation.

 I joined the Bushbaby regimen group on Hairlista. Now this lady managed to grow her hair to a beautiful waist length using wigs mainly. I have a wig that I have barely used since buying it just sitting at home, and I'm thinking of using it to kick start my new PS regimen. So tomorrow I will start my wash day after work and do a protein tretment and an overnight moisture DC so that I get that NG and texlaxed hair extra moisturised. Then I will airdry in threads all day on Saturday, and blowdry using the tension method on Sunday after church, After this I will plait my hair (no extensions) into box braids, and start wigging it. I will wash my hair in the box braids each week, and DC until they just look too scraggly and I have to take them down and redo them again. I think the wig will work better for me coz it will allow me to have access to my hair and scalp, while letting me rock straight hair (with bangs) everyday while having no hair damage. Its a win win situation for me.

I will post updates and pics next week after my wash day.


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