Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mid-Week Co-Wash

I haven't done one of these in a while (since last November I'm sure). Well, I am now coming up on 17 weeks post, and with 2+ inches of new growth, I had to do something to keep my hair happy. So I decided to bring back an oldie, the mid-week co-wash. This way, I keep my moisture levels up, my hair gets less matting and stays soft.

When I got home last night, I started by doing a scalp massage with my Wild Growth oil. The massage lasted for ages, over 15 minutes of just making my scalp happy with all that stimulation. After the massage, I did my inversion for about 3 minutes (by that time I was getting too much of a head rush..

I started finger detangling my hair and added some ORS Replenishing conditioner before doing some box braids. I ended up with 7 box braids that I covered with 2 shower caps, my satin scarf and my woolly hat overnight. This morning, I rinsed out the conditioner with lukewarm water (coz it was way too cold to play with cool water. I t-shirt dried while going through the rest of my morning routine. After I was dressed, I started taking down the box braids and detangled with a wide tooth comb. The comb just glided through because the hair was still damp and not all the conditioner got rinsed out. I sealed with castor oil and did a low bun for work (which is also my favorite way to airdry and stretch out that new growth).

I know my stretch is supposed to last for another 9 weeks, but my fingers are now itching for the relaxer kit. I have to stay strong, this stretch can only do good to my scalp and my hair. So I'm going to look around for a protective style that's easy and quick to do, but still gives me access to my hair and scalp.


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