Friday, 21 March 2014

Random Hair Babble

This Friday took too long to get hear. It feels like its been a month since my last weekend. I am exhausted and sick, and all I want to do right now is snuggle into my pink blankets and pass out for 24 hours. Yup, this has been a long week.

This week I discovered that I can rock the sock bun. I wore my sock bun on Wednesday and Thursday and that thing got me major attention. One of the girls I got to church with was all like "OMG, your hair is awesome"  and I just did this B)... "I know". Hahaha, ok, all ego and fantasies aside this girl was surprised that my hair was long enough for such a style (since its almost always shrunk these days) and wanted to know whether she can do it too. I shall get her to abandon that weave she was been rocking for more than 2 months soon...

Today Hard Mashona Type turns 1. I had promised a giveaway, but due to my being sick and being broke (can't next Friday be here already) I have decided to postpone it until the first week of April. So watch this space for more updates on the upcoming giveaway.

In the year since I started documenting my hair journey here, I have grown from NL to APL (with a few lead hairs already chilling at BSB). Its been a crazy ride, and I wouldn't have made it this far without the support from Hairlista and GAHL. Hopefully, by the time the blog turns two, I will be beyond BSL and chasing down MBL... Yes we can do this long, healthy hair business.

Shrinkage is the devil. I will always say this. This morning, my hair had reverted from the straightness and shrunk so much that I could barely get it together into a ponytail. I am now 18 weeks post, and this stretch isn't a joke anymore. And whenever I think that I still have 8 more weeks to go until I can texlax the heck out of my new growth, I almost breakdown and cry. Anyway, I am going to stop wearing my hair out after this weekend. I'm grabbing one of my trusty wigs and PSing my way through the last weeks of my stretch. ION, I can't wait until May.

When I went to church on Sunday, I saw the saddest thing in my life. A cute 3 year old girl had absolutely no hairline left. What is wrong with parents and letting too much tension and heavy braids get up close and personal with their baby girl's hairline. If I see that kid at Mass on Sunday I am going to look for her mom and tell her that the style is really bad for the baby. I am going to save the world, one kid's hairline (and hair) at a time.

I forgot to add this to my Wash Day post on Monday. I had to wash my hair outdoors on Sunday since the weather was beautiful and we had no power. So while I was getting my hair arsenal onto the lawn, our puppies took my shower caps and started fighting over them. I had to scare off the little idiots in order to save my shower caps. This is why I will always like cats more.

I really have a hair tool/product black hole in my room. My two wide tooth combs had disappeared this morning. My heat processing cap has been MIA for 2 weeks now. And of course the scrunchies and hair pins that go missing everyday. Sometimes I wish that the black hole would take my flat iron and blowdryer and leave my other stuff...

I am turning 25 in less than 3 months. And all I want for my birthday is this wishlist:
 - Babyliss Pro flatiron
 - Magnetic or mesh rollers
 - Contact lenses (I seriously hate wearing glasses)
 - 3 litres of any Darbur Vatika Naturals deep conditioner
 - henna
 - HE LTR Split End Protector
 - lace wig

I have discovered a few 3c curls in my head. Which is totally weird since I have always been a type 4 kinks and curls type of person. Where have these curls been hiding all my life, and when are they planning to go back? Lol, yeah I am crazy for wanting to get rid of them, and not wanting more of them, but I prefer having all kinks rather than a mix of kinks and curls.

I am planning to watch Trevor Noah "That's Racist" tonight while I finger detangle and give my hair a good oiling, Indian style.I can't do my wash day tomorrow since I'm going to spend all day at a youth leadership course at church. This trend is worrying me. I am being forced to adopt Sunday as my wash day. Oh well, cleanliness is next to Godliness I guess.

I need to try out different styles. This bunning life is becoming too much.

Have a great weekend.


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