Friday, 14 March 2014

TGIF and Random hair Babble

Hello loves,

Thank God it finally Friday. I seriously can't wait for the weekend coz I get a chance to sleep in, clean my room and give my hair a lil TLC. 

I have been suffering from an almost non stop headache this week. This is because the glasses I'm wearing are not the correct prescription, and I had to wear them ever since I lost one of my contact lenses. Anyway I'm off to the optician today to get my new lenses, and hopefully the headaches will disappear after this.

I have gotten back on my water game. My skin had been looking horrible, and my hair growth hasn't been that great. So I decided to up my water intake. I started slowly, at 800ml, and I want to build up to 2l a day. I know it's not much but I really hate the taste of water (what's up with having no taste?) 

I am 17 weeks post today, and the new growth is driving me insane. I can't  do anything with my hair, and I have to fight it each morning just to get it into a bun for work. I know I am planning to end my stretch in May just before my birthday so I can whip my (hopefully BSB) hair for my birthday. I don't know if I can hold out for that long though. All I'm thinking of is heading to jeenzbeautysupply and grab some ORS relaxer so I can tame my growth. I think I have to protective style this weekend so that I just forget about my hair for another couple of weeks.

Or maybe I should break out the heat this weekend? I really wanted to flat iron when I buy the Babyliss pro flat iron, but with my finances and my minuscule salary I would have to wait for a really long time. Maybe I will use my Geepas flat iron one last time this weekend... Or maybe I should ignore that little devil telling me to fry my hair. I am so indecisive today. Maybe I should buy a new wig unit and just wig it before I do something crazy with my hair

I have also been feeling oddly scissors happy this week. All I have been thinking about is snipping the 3.5 inches of bone straight hair left on my head and just be fully texlaxed all at once. My hair is looking healthy and the ends look ok, but I'm just tired of having those thin looking ends, and thick looking texlaxed hair and new growth underneath.

This morning I decided to moisturise and seal using the Twisted Sista Curl Activator cream I got from Curly Eva. Well, I don't have any curls that can pop from using this, but after seeing the first 3 ingredients (water, apricot oil and glycerine) I thought that this would make a great moisturizer. So I sealed with coconut oil, before finger combing and pulling my hair into a low bun (the only style my hair seems to like now).

BTW, Hard Mashona Type is turning a year old next week. I should probably do a birthday giveaway to celebrate my baby's first year of life. More info on that once I get a few things sorted (hopefully by next week Wednesday).

My Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter moisturizer is running out. And I'm broke. I need a miracle in order to get the finances to top up my stash. I need more moisturizer, DC and clarifying shampoo. If only I really didn't need my contact lenses, I would go buy these things ASAP.

I am going to complete my March round of inversions on Sunday. I will do the ending measurements next week Thursday and see if there has been any growth. Measurements as of Wednesday evening were: Front: 30cm, Sides: 28cm, Back: 27cm.

I am going to hunt for my mom's old rollers in the house over the weekend. I haven't done a rollerset since my last salon touch up (December 2012). I feel like wearing my hair in something different for once. But then again, I might end up not doing the set coz of my laziness. I really need some interventions in my life.

That's all from me. I am out of the office early so I can go to my optician.

Have a great weekend.


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