Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Winter Is Coming - Regimen for Winter 2014

So last night, I got so fed up with my new growth that I ended up grabbing a tub of  Motions Lye Relaxer. I slathered it onto my new growth, and smoothed it out. And it started to burn my scalp after a few minutes. So I go to the bathroom to rinse it out, and I realise I had no neutralizing shampoo. Here I was, standing with a head covered in relaxer that's burning my poor scalp and I have no neutralizing shampoo. Then I woke up with my heart pounding and a very itchy scalp.

So the weather is changing here in Africa. The sun is rising later (like at around 5.40am instead of 5.10am) and the mornings are becoming chillier. This morning, temperatures in my home town felt like they were at around 12`C. An even more positive sign of the changes in the weather is my scalp which has been having a major case of the itchies. Winter is definitely on its way here in the Southern hemisphere and its time for me to start thinking about how to adjust my regimen for winter.

Winter 2014 (April - August) Regimen

1. Protective style with wigs 95% of the time (it is also a great way to keep my head and ears warm)
2. Deep condition with heat at least once a week
3. Seal with castor oil. I will use coconut oil only for pre-poos
4. Frequent scalp massages to help keep the itchies away. Come to mama Wild Growth Oil (which I shall mix with tea tree oil)
5. Start incorporating hot oil treatments/oil rinses

And to help me stick to my regimen, I will start setting monthly goals once again, and keep track of everything I do to my hair in my Hair Journal app. By the time summer starts in September (yup, we have only two seasons in Africa, summer and winter), my hair will hopefully be edging towards BSL in a healthy state, and my scalp would be pretty healthy as well.

So for my fellow Africans who are dedicated to their hair (I prefer that to obsessed), what are you going to do to adjust your regimen for winter?



  1. I've never done a hot oil treatment, but I really want to start incorporating it into my regimen. Might help with my dry ends.

  2. Thanks for the heads up girl i am yet to come up with my winter regimen soon, thanks really i was totally blank as to what to do, especially being so many months post relaxer

    1. I am paranoid because this is my first winter doing the HHJ. I don't want to have a setback when I'm close to having "long" hair because I wasn't prepared. I will stalk your blog to see how you are adjusting your regimen