Wednesday, 23 April 2014

It's Official!!!!!

No, I am not engaged or anything like that. But I am excited to share with you the next point in my hair journey. To take you on a brief flashback (like a cartoon villain) I started out wanting long, healthy relaxed hair. And then I started transitioning to texlaxed hair since it meant my hair would be stronger, and be semi-textured. Well, today, I am writing it down on the Internet so that I do not back out at all.

I am definitely transitioning to natural hair. Like I said in some earlier posts, when I get to 16 weeks post, I am always tempted to transition back to natural hair. And 23 weeks into this stretch, I have decided I want to long term transition. I love my texlaxed hair, its just a slightly easier to comb version of my natural texture. But I really love the thickness, and strength and wildness the new growth has. I definitely want all that so I have decided I will sell (or giveaway) my last relaxer box kit and just love my mane to bits as it grows in.

OK, my excitement is getting the better of me. Here are my reasons why I am going au naturelle:

1. Because I am lazy. LOL, I bet no one saw that coming. But truthfully, the whole spending an entire day touching up my growth thing has gotten old. And I still have stylist trust issues when it comes to chemical application. So, I'd rather go natural than risk a setback just because I am not up to the work that goes into doing relaxer touch ups every 4/6/12 months.

2. Because I am suffering from hair envy. Damn it, I also want a big bushy afro like some of the ladies at Black Girl Long Hair. Or locs like my mum, brother or big sis.

3. I now know how to work with my texture. When I BC'ed in 2012, I didn't know squat about how to look after natural hair. Which is why I ended up relaxing after 5 months. But now, after doing some long stretches, and plenty of research, I think I can handle my hair without any issues. And if I do have issues, I will have plenty of online support to work through them.

4. I have lots of nieces and baby cousins, and I want their mothers (and the girls too) to see that natural hair is not unmanageable and wild, and that it is the best choice for little princesses. I am tired of seeing little kids with damaged relaxed hair, and I don't want my nieces and cousins to join them. So, I will lead by example, and hopefully, they will stay natural until they are old enough and experienced enough to decide for themselves whether they want to relax or not.

5. I am doing this for my baby girl. I am not pregnant, and I won't be anytime soon, but when I have my daughter, I want her to grow up with healthy natural hair. And the best way to do this is to learn all the tricks and techniques by first practising on my own head and then doing it for her when she comes along.

6. I want to grow my hair to terminal length. This means (at least to me) that I should keep it in its natural state for the best results and go with it.

So my goals for my transition to natural journey are as follows:

1. Stick to my texlaxed hair length goals. This will help to keep me motivated during the transition. SO I am still aiming for BSB by May/June and BSL by end of 2014.

2. Long term transition. I really didn't enjoy my TWA stage when I BC'ed in 2012. So, I will keep my length and gradually snip off the relaxed and texlaxed ends. Right now I think a 3 year transition is the minimum I will do (although I might change my mind).

3. No heat. I am going to be on a direct heat fast now. Like I said earlier, I want to grow to terminal length, and I need to try to grow my hair in its natural state. So, I won't use heat, to try to keep my hair in optimum health.

4. Try new hairstyles. I am very lazy. But I need to change that when it comes to hairstyles. I will keep bunning, but I also need to try styles like bantu knot outs, braid outs and other styles so that I have fun with my hair.

I will miss relaxed hair land though. To all my relaxed sisters, all the best in your hair journeys.



  1. Congrats on your decision. Good luck

  2. Congrats chica! I'm excited to watch your transition!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thank you. One thing is for certain its going to be crazy

  3. congrats girl am happy for you hoping to join you after i have done 5 more texlaxes lol ENJOY hun!

    1. lol, last night I had a "one more texlax" moment when I saw that ORS relaxer. I should give it away soon. Thanks for the wishes, you will see me at the shop soon

  4. I'm a new follower! :D I look forward to watching your journey. I will likely join you one day!

  5. Welcome to the madhouse Candra :)

  6. Love. LOVE! I chuckled at the point where you wanted to practice how to care for your hair in preparation for your future daughter's hair...:)
    I'm looking forward to reading about your journey and PICS please!