Friday, 11 April 2014

Random Hair Babble

Gosh, its been a while since I did one of these posts. Anyway, a mini update on what's been going on with my hair.

The cold weather is getting annoying now. My hair is getting dried out so fast :(. I don't think I will even dare to wear my hair out most of this winter because of it. I may need to invest in another wig soon, so I can switch up my wigs this winter.

The cold weather is also going to make me feel lazy about washing my hair. I am already dreading this week's wash day. I will most probably do a DC and co-wash just to keep my new growth moisturised, otherwise that's it.

My big brother was not amused when I did my dusting. He is still mad at me for cutting off what appeared to be a lot of hair. But I am happy with the way my ends feel now, so smooth, and they look great!!!

I am starting to have transitioning thoughts. I guess I am just bored of the relaxed hair thing, and I feel like a change. I am still not sure whether I am ready to totally give up the creamy crack, but I will just keep extending my stretch for as long as I can go. But i have my last ever box kit of creamy crack waiting to be used if I cannot keep stretching. But after that, I am definitely going to start long term transitioning. Yeah, I have caught the natural hair bug too. Sigh, another relaxed head bites the dust.

I started the April round of inversions on Wednesday. And this time, I am trying to stick to it, unlike the failure that was the March round. I need that extra boost of growth so I can make BSB by my 2 year anniversary.

The turbie wrap giveaway is almost coming to an end, but I may have another one coming up soon. I am getting my graphic designer friend to put my idea of a t-shirt that I am gifting myself for my 2 year hair anniversary. And I am also planning to have an identical one done for a lucky reader of this blog. So keep reading so that you do not miss out on this giveaway that will be live soon.

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Have a great weekend everybody

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