Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Washing Your Hair While Stretching

Stretching can be a pain. Believe me, I am almost 20 weeks post, and I have done 2.5 rounds of inversion during this stretch and I know having 2+ inches of new growth to deal with can be major pain. Which is of course why most women do not stretch their relaxers. But I read this article on and the author was commenting on the regimen of this lady with HIP LENGTH hair!!! I am not aiming for hip length yet, it would take me forever and a day considering my height (5'10"). But since I do want long hair (WL) I decided to copy parts of this regimen which included epic stretches (24 weeks kinda epic).

But while I stretch I don't want to lose my progress by avoiding water or suffering from excessive matting and tangling. So I adopted this method of washing my hair. When I was doing 16-18 week stretches in 2013, I washed my hair in sections, just diving my hair into four sections and using clips to separate the hair. Then I would take out the clip, shampoo or DC that section before clipping it back up and moving to the next one. This worked pretty well, and I had minimal tangling and breakage, although it was starting to become a bit difficult thanks to the increasing amount of texlaxed hair that I have.

This year, with the amount of new growth I have and the length of my hair, using clips wasn't working too well. So I decided to adopt an old hair forum classic, and start washing my hair in box braids. I am telling you this method is amazeballs!!!! It is just the clip method, only on steroids. What I do is basically plait 8 box braids using my hair only. Then, I just do my entire wash day in the box braids. I only take them down after I have rinsed out the DC and t-shirt dried for a bit and then comb detangle. Zero fuss, minimal breakage, minimal tangling, and very happy hair. The washing in box braids also makes it easier to access the scalp, especially when you have really dense new growth that is hard to get through. This way, you can ensure your scalp is clean and is the optimum environment for healthy hair growth, while the use of box braids lowers the manipulation of the actual hair. Simple and perfect!!!

So if you are trying to retain more length while on a stretch, washing your hair in box braids is the best way to do it. Try it out and tell me how it goes.

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