Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Product Review: Wild Growth Hair Oil

It has been a while since I did a product review, so I am doing one today. I bought this product using my own funds, so my review is impartial and based on my experiences using the product.

Product: Wild Growth Hair Oil
Price: US$ 16 (I think) at Jeenz, Travel Plaza Harare
Wild Growth Hair Oil

Ingredients: Olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, Vitamin D (ergocalciferol), cholie, inostol, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, Wild Growth essential oil complex

Promises: As from the Sally's website it will "Turn dry, tangled and hard to manage hair into softer, healthier hair without split ends and reduced breakage.

Wild Growth Hair Oil will keep your tresses healthy from root to tip by conditioning the scalp and this will lead to longer, fuller hair that grows.

Only a few drops are needed 1-3 times per week for longer, fuller, softer, enriched and controlled hair. No need for very hot comb for hard pressing. Acts as a great hair and scalp conditioner"

My Take: I started using this product in January when I was less than 12 weeks post. The results then were pretty obvious, I had plenty of new growth showing, and it was soft and all the good things hair should be. I was so excited that when I finished my first bottle, I went back to buy a second one. But I ended up changing how I used the oil. Instead of following the package directions to a T, I decided to use it as my massage oil for the inversion method, and as my sealant when I can't be bothered to crack open my bottle of castor oil. Although I can't see as much growth now (I have 6 months' worth of new growth and that's a lot of shrinkage), I still see the effects. It helps in keeping my hair soft, easy to detangle, and relatively easy to style when I wear it loose. 

The color of this product is a deep gold. Its an oil (duh!) and has the consistency of olive oil (not too thick like castor oil, and not too thin like coconut oil). The smell is a bit weird, kinda medicinal. Its definitely not one of my favourite smells in a product, so I try to mask it by adding another product on top. The packaging is great, its a bottle with an applicator tip, and what's not to love about that. I have recycled my old bottle into an applicator for other oils (but I digress). 
As I write this post, I'm thinking I need to buy some more Wild Growth Hair Oil.

So, I give this product 4/5 thumbs up, mainly for the detangling and soft hair I get from the oil. And I love the ingredients, that's healthy hair promotion all the way.

So remember, if you are in Harare, and want this oil, go to Jeenz, 2nd floor Travel Plaza and get your own. Just don't raid the entire shop while you're at it :)


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wash Day Saga - A Tale of Two Washes

I am laughing at myself right now. How do I come up with some of my wash day post titles? Well, the title does say it all, I did two washes in a really short space. Here's what happened:

On Saturday I was feeling lazy (again). So I did my hot oil treatment/prepoo with coconut oil as usual, and then put my DC (Tresemme Naturals + ORS Replenishing conditioner) on top, and covered everything up for about 5 hours. I rinsed out with cold water, t-shirt dried and then applied my leave in (Twisted sista curl activator cream). I sealed with my heat protectant (ORS heat protection serum) and set my hair with my flexi-rods. I blow dried my hair, and went to bed hoping for the best....

The next morning, as I was getting ready for Mass, I realized my hair STILL hadn't dried. So I ended up taking out the rods, and having yet another failed set. Later on in the day, my hair felt dry, crunchy and all sorts of horrible. I guess I celebrated an easy transition too early. I decided that I was going to re-wash my hair, so I did some twists in my hair in preparation for take 2.

I evaluated my wash day to see where I went wrong, and what I could do to correct the dryness. The only different product I used this wash day was the leave in. I checked the ingredients, and saw it had glycerin. I guess my hair doesn't like glycerin anymore. I also blow dried, which means maybe I need to lay off the heat now.

Since Monday was a holiday (Happy Africa Day to you!!!), I had a chance to do over my wash day without being in a rush. This time I shampooed with Infusium 23 sulfate free shampoo (to help clear up any dirt/buildup). Then I instant conditioned with a mix of Tresemme Naturals and African Pride Olive Oil Conditioner. My hair felt better immediately. I t-shirt dried for an hour and then airdried in the twists for another hour. I stretched my hair fully using African threading (after taking out the twists).

This wash day has made me realise I have to be careful with the ingredients in my products now. My hair no longer likes some of the old stuff so I have to adapt or experience more breakage.

Don't forget to join in the washday experience, and learn new techniques from the other participants.

And also, don't forget to enter the Bunaholic t-shirt giveaway. Remember, its for people in Zimbabwe only, entrants from other countries will be disqualified (unfortunately).

Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Transitioning Update - 6 Months Post

I decided that a good way for me to keep track of my transition is to do a post every 3 or so months about what I am doing, what's working and what was an utter fail. This way, I can get to know my hair better, and stick to being natural this time round.

 So regimen wise, I made a few minor changes. Obviously, I gave up the relaxer cream (I will miss you, stinky, hair tenderizing cream), and when my scheduled relaxer touch up day rolled around on Saturday, I wasn't tempted in the least to touch up my roots (probably because I gave it away to my brother's fiancee). Anyway, whatever the reason, this is the longest I have been relaxer free since high school :). Baby steps.

What has been working:

1. Hot oil treatments as prepoos - Instead of just oiling my hair with coconut oil and waiting for some time before shampooing, I started heating it by accident (because it had solidified, and I couldn't get it out of the squeeze bottle). But using the coconut oil while it is warm has been appreciated by my roots, and texlaxed hair. My hair is always soft, and easy to detangle even when skip some of my wash day steps. Hot oil treatments are definitely a keeper for the rest of my life.

2. Washing my hair in braids - This has been another win for me. Less tangles, less manipulation, and less fuss. Wash day is not such a major pain as it was even with this much growth. Speaking of growth...

3. Keeping my hair stretched - Another helpful thing during my transition. At the moment, its hard for me to even distinguish where the line of demarcation between texlaxed hair and new growth is. Which is seriously awesome. I also have minimal tangling at the roots, because of keeping my hair stretched. And I get to show of my length, which is always a plus :oD

4. Keeping up with my DC sessions - this is the one way I get moisture infused right into my hair strand, and the best way to keep my hair soft and pliable during the week. Even when I am feeling lazy, I just do a dry DC and co-wash, and I am done for the week.

5. The box braids + wig regimen - this is my go to protective style when I am sick of dealing with three textures. I simply do at least 30 box braids with my own hair, and during the working week, I moisturize and seal the hair before throwing on my wig cap and wig and going. Simple, and I still manage to look after my hair which is a major plus. My hair cannot deal with more than 1 week of neglect, so this routine definitely works. I just have to be careful about how long I keep the braids in since my hair can start forming dreadlocks if left in the braids for too long.

What has not been working:

1. Doing a protein treatment once a month - yeah, total fail. I forgot that since I have so many textures and some are weaker, I needed more protein more often. The result, some long strand breakage and some short strand breakage. The short strand breakage has been happening at my crown and nape. Almost all the bone straight hair has broken off in those area and I am left with texlaxed hair and new growth. The long strand breakage is happening in the front. I am not sure why the breakage there is occurring, maybe I am not as careful when detangling in that area. Anyway, I need to work on that.

2. Combs - lol, crazy, but true. I can't stand seeing a comb near my head these days, even my beloved wide tooth comb collection. My hair is getting even bigger and thicker without the relaxer effect of reducing the thickness. And its a pain to detangle even when in small sections. But I really have to use a comb to detangle, my finger combing is not yet good enough for me to get out all the shed hair. But I need to start thinking of a new detangling tool I can use, or my life as a natural will be detangling hell.

3. Synthetic wigs - I bought a synthetic wig because its what I could fit into my budget. Unfortunately I have extra sensitive skin, which breaks out or itches when the wrong thing brushes against it. The wig (my current fave) is seriously irritating my scalp. I had a major case of the itchies right after wash day and it wasn't pretty. So I will have to invest in a human hair wig now.

4. My styling skills - my styling skills on my own head are pathetic. I have a failed flexirod set under my belt at the moment. I challenged myself to learn one new hair style this month that's not a bun, and honestly at the moment, I haven't mastered anything.I need to do a style in the coming week, or fail the human race...

But honestly though, the transition seems to be a breeze at the moment. No doubt, I will be singing the blues the next time I do my update. My hair is soft, thick, and even shiny on the really good days. The bad hair days are when I can only manage to pull my hair back into a low bun or ponytail.

Length wise, I am at BSB now. I will do a proper length check (aka stretching my hair while wearing my length check tank) at the end of the month. Time to focus on achieving BSL by September now.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Wash Day - Clarifying at 6 Months Post

Hello everybody!!!

I hope you had a great weekend. Well, we have been having some chilly mornings at home, and I'm telling you, I am not feeling this weather at all. Can't September arrive, and the world warm up again?

So this past Saturday, I officially made it to 6 months post relaxer. It was also meant to have been my touch up day, but I decided to transition, and even protected myself from temptation by giving my ORS no-lye box kit to my brother's fiancee.

I washed my hair on Saturday morning/afternoon, and this is what happened:

1. Hot oil treatment/prepoo with coconut oil under heat cap for 2 hours

2. Clarifying shampoo with ORS Creamy aloe shampoo. And the shampoo session was also meant to chelate since we have hard water at our house (we use borehole water). I focused mainly on my scalp since I had a major case of the itchies, but also ran some shampoo onto my ends just to lift off the oil and dust that got onto my strands during the week.

3. Instant conditioned with African Pride Dream Kids Detangling Conditioner. I needed to just boost the moisture in my hair after clarifying and I thought this would help.

4. Deep conditioned with the ORS Hairepair Conditioner. The ingredient list makes it read as a light protein, and I felt that my hair needed a bit of protein (especially the bone straight ends). I kept in the DC for 3 hours under my heat process cap

5. I rinsed out the DC with cold water, t-shirt dried for an hour and  applied my leave in (VO5 moisturising leave in conditioner). I then sealed with Wild Growth oil.

6. I felt like the box braids I had in were starting to mat. I am not transitioning to locs yet!!! So i decided to take them down on Sunday afternoon. And I detangled, first with my finger and then with a widetooth comb. The amount of hair that came out was scary, until I remembered it was 2 weeks' worth of shedding. But I also had some breakage. All the bone straight hair is just breaking off. Maybe I need to just trim off those 3 inches and remain with texlaxed hair and NG.

So that's my #washdayexperience for this week. Don't forget to join the other ladies in the #washdayexperience linkup with KLP of SavingourStrands and Jen of JustGrowAlready.

The Wash Day Experience

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Winter Challenge Update: Post 2

The cold weather (and my numb fingers) this morning reminded me that I needed to do my Winter Challenge update. I haven't been updating as much as I hoped to, but oh well here I am, trying to make up for it.

Well, I gave up on journaling everything I do to my hair. I seriously don't have enough time or energy for that. So, I will stick to looking at my blog posts and seeing what I did to my hair, and what might need to change.

I have managed to resist the use of direct heat, and I am hoping to keep it that way for most of my transition. This will hopefully help with my length retention and general hair health. I have managed to keep up with my DCs, and my hair is almost always in a protective style or low manipulation style.

Last week I cut out the scalp massages because my scalp felt irritated by the use of the oil. So I just cut it out to see f it makes a difference. It hasn't made much of a real difference, so I guess I will do a clarifying shampoo, focusing on my scalp mainly this weekend and see if that helps.

I used up my other cheat again on alcohol. Peer pressure is real, let me tell you. I am left without any cheats and I needed a cheat for my birthday. Sigh, I think I will have to delete the no booze rule. I will end up breaking it a lot.

My next length check will be at the end of the month to see if I have made BSB (6'' on my length check shirt).

Have a great Wednesday :)

Monday, 12 May 2014

Wash Day Saga - 10 May 2014

Hey everyone, hope you had a pleasant weekend.

I had a good wash day this weekend. I am still on my low fuss/manipulation wash day thing and it seems to be working out well. I am experiencing less breakage and my hair feels moisturised and strong. I am achieving a good balance with this current regimen. Anyhoo, enough with the rambling and on to what really happened.

1. I did a coconut oil prepoo/hotoil treatment. I just applied the warm oil to my box braids and let it sit in my hair for 2 hours while I did my laundry.

2. Shampoo with Infusium 23 sulfate free shampoo. I hadn't done a 'poo wash for about 2 weeks and I could really feel it on my scalp. The shampoo helped to lift some of the build up.

3. DC with Tresemme naturals conditioner overnight. I applied the conditioner to my box braids, and covered in two shower caps, my heat process cap and a woolly hat. I let it all stew until my shower on Sunday morning.

4. I rinsed out the conditioner with warm water and wrapped my hair in a t-shirt while going through the rest of my shower routine. When my hair was damp, I applied the VO5 leave in moisturiser as my leave in, and sealed with coconut oil. I let my hair airdry in a ponytail while at church.

5. I rebraided a few of the box braids at the back of my head and finger combed out the shed hair. I even did an unofficial length check by pulling down my hair.

I am definitely at BSB now but I'm going to wait to claim it after I take down my box braids at the end of the month (and when I have completed my round of inversions + GHE). When I claim BSB I will be left with 2 inches to full BSL. so I will be working on achieving that by the end of September. At this rate I may even make MBL (grazing) by the end of the year. I think I will have to reset my end year goal from BSL to MBL because it seems like I will be past that soon.

That's it for my wash day this week, simple, and quick but still getting good stuff to my hair.

Remember to join in the #washdayexperience with Saving our Strands.

The Wash Day Experience

Friday, 9 May 2014

New Hair Related Items Line and Giveaway

Hiya ladies, I am so excited right now.I recently started a business venture with a friend, and we make branded items for people (t-shirts, caps, mugs, you get the general idea). And I also started my own line of artwork that can be put onto anything for my fellow hair obsessed :).



So in order to celebrate the launch of my line (and my birthday :)), I am giving away a t-shirt to celebrate your love of protective styling. All you have to do is simply follow the steps indicated in the Rafflecopter widget. Easy peasy.

The giveaway starts today, and will end after my birthday. Start entering :). Sorry, the giveaway is for my readers in Zimbabwe. I promise, I will do an international one soon

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wash Day Saga - Overnight DC

So I finally got around to getting some water close to my head. After being busy last weekend, and just being plain lazy, I ended up washing my hair.

 I had done box braids using my hair only on Sunday, so what I just did was apply some ORS Replenishing Conditioner onto my box braids before covering with 3 shower caps. This morning, I rinsed off the conditioner with warm water (its too cold in the mornings to use cold water now), before wrapping my braids in a t-shirt and going about my normal shower routine.By the time I had finished dressing, my hair was damp. So I decided to get in a little GHE during the day today. I covered my hair with my wig cap, and wore my wig to work. Tonight, I will let my hair fully airdry and do a scalp massage.

That was my wash day this week. Very quick, simple with no fuss. Although I will need to clarify this weekend since I will have quite a bit of build up now.

So how was your wash day? Join the #washdayexperience linkup, and share your experience with other hair obsessed dedicated bloggers :)

The Wash Day Experience


Monday, 5 May 2014

Flexi Rod Fail and The Wash Day That Didn't Happen

Bonjour everyone!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was fun, crazy and I am running on very little sleep at the moment. But that's what I get for suffering from FOMO.

So Saturday was my friend's wedding. I had bought my flexi rods and wanted to do a flexi rod set for the ceremony. And since I was also supposed to be an usher, I wanted to look great. So on Friday night I set my hair using my flexi rods. I first moisturised with Elasta QP olive oil and mango butter before applying the ORS Wrap/set mousse on top and then rolling my hair on to the flexi rod. After I finished setting, I blow dried my hair on the cool setting (while watching Game of Thrones) and went off to bed. But it seems like I was heavy handed with the products because my hair wasn't dry the next morning. I had no time to even blow dry at all, so I took out the rods and my hair had barely any curls at all. However, it was stretchedso it was easy to style. I ended up in a low side bun and went to the wedding. I need to keep practising how to set my hair with my rods, and use less product the next time.

I didn't wash my hair this weekend. I was too lazy to even start thinking of doing anything. But I managed to do box braids and I'm back in my wigs again. I will wash my hair tonight, and DC overnight because I can't risk breakage because of my laziness.

That's all from me today, watch out for my wash day experience soon.

A bientot,

Friday, 2 May 2014

2 Year Big Chop Anniversary + Product/Tool Haul

Yesterday was my 2 year big chop anniversary. Two years ago, I asked my mom to cut off all the damaged hair that was on my head, and I went from this:

to barely any hair on my head (ok, about an inch of hair). Unfortunately, I wasn't really comfortable with a TWA so I don't have any pics from right after the BC that I can post. I also had a weave installed the next day (yes, that's how uncomfortable I was). Since my BC, I have made mistakes, had a couple of setbacks, but I am now APL and heading for BSB next month.

Just to give a brief recap of what I did since my BC, I protective styled like a crazy woman for the first 4 months, and I had excellent length retention. However, when I took out my weave in September 2012, I did not know what to do with my natural hair. I ended up going to the salon for a relaxer. Luckily for me, the stylist who did my relaxer was not one of the overprocessing brigade, since my hair was relatively healthy right after. I wore my hair out until I had a weave installed for my move to Tanzania for my new job.
before relaxer

after relaxer

I had my first setback in November 2012 when I took out my weave and went to the hotel salon to get cornrows done. The entire thing was a disaster, from how the stylist washed my hair (I had major tangles), to the detangling part (I lost so much hair) to the actual braiding (too tight). All because I did not speak up and tell the stylist to stop doing what they were doing. My hair line suffered the most as I had traction alopecia, and it is still fragile up to now.

My next setback came when I went to the salon in December 2012 for a touch up at about 14 weeks post. The stylist here combed relaxer onto my already relaxed hair, and I had severe overprocessing. Here, language barrier was the main issue. The stylist did not speak or understand English and I had barely any Swahili to make her I understand what I wanted. That's when I decided to DIY mostly. I managed to move from neck length (where I was stuck since my first relaxer) to shoulder length by March 2013. I got to CBL in May 2013, and worked on achieving APL in December 2013. I moved from natural to relaxed to texlaxed, and I am now transitioning to natural. The past 2 years have been great, and I hop to achieve waist length in 2 more years.
length on 1 April 2014

I decided to top up my product stash and get some new hair tools, so I went shopping :). My product haul included:

1. Heat process cap - Since I don't own a steamer, this is the best way for me at the moment to DC or prepoo with heat. I got it for $5 at Jeenz, Travel Plaza

2. ORS Hairepair conditioner - As a transitioner, one thing I will never have too much off is conditioner. I decided to try this one out, and see if it is worth putting into my rotation. Its a light protein, similar to ORS Repkenishing conditioner. I bought this sachet for $3 at Jeenz, Travel Plaza.

3. Henna - I have been meaning to try out henna for some time. I bought this one at Jeenz, Travel Plaza for $3

4. Wide tooth rat tail comb - I needed a rat tail comb for making partings, and got a wide tooth one that I can also use for detangling. I bought it for $0.50 on First Street from one of the vendors

5. Shower caps - I use shpwer caps as part of my DC using body heat strategy. I bought this pack of 8 for $8 at Jeenz, Travel Plaza

6. ORS Replenishing Conditioner - one of my favorite conditioners for DCs. I can use it weekly (even though ita a light protein) and not get protein overload. And the citrusy smell is amazeballs. Bought it for $12 at Jeenz, Travel Plaza

7. African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Detangling Moisturizing Conditioner - I noticed when I got home that it has mineral oil, but no sweat really since I plan to use it as a prepoo mostly. I got it for $12 at Jeenz, Travel Plaza.

8. Brown scrunchie - I use scrunchies for most of my buns, and I decided an extra one won't hurt. I got it for $0.50 from a street vendor on First Street.

9. Flexi Rods - I am attending a wedding tomorrow, and I needed to get a styling tool that won't cause a hair setback. I decided on flexi rods since its no heat, and they won't snag on my hair. I bought 2 packs (sizes 3 and 4) for $10 a pack at a salon on the ground floor of Travel Plaza. I will be back with the results on Monday.

That's all from me, have a great weekend everyone.