Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Transitioning Update - 6 Months Post

I decided that a good way for me to keep track of my transition is to do a post every 3 or so months about what I am doing, what's working and what was an utter fail. This way, I can get to know my hair better, and stick to being natural this time round.

 So regimen wise, I made a few minor changes. Obviously, I gave up the relaxer cream (I will miss you, stinky, hair tenderizing cream), and when my scheduled relaxer touch up day rolled around on Saturday, I wasn't tempted in the least to touch up my roots (probably because I gave it away to my brother's fiancee). Anyway, whatever the reason, this is the longest I have been relaxer free since high school :). Baby steps.

What has been working:

1. Hot oil treatments as prepoos - Instead of just oiling my hair with coconut oil and waiting for some time before shampooing, I started heating it by accident (because it had solidified, and I couldn't get it out of the squeeze bottle). But using the coconut oil while it is warm has been appreciated by my roots, and texlaxed hair. My hair is always soft, and easy to detangle even when skip some of my wash day steps. Hot oil treatments are definitely a keeper for the rest of my life.

2. Washing my hair in braids - This has been another win for me. Less tangles, less manipulation, and less fuss. Wash day is not such a major pain as it was even with this much growth. Speaking of growth...

3. Keeping my hair stretched - Another helpful thing during my transition. At the moment, its hard for me to even distinguish where the line of demarcation between texlaxed hair and new growth is. Which is seriously awesome. I also have minimal tangling at the roots, because of keeping my hair stretched. And I get to show of my length, which is always a plus :oD

4. Keeping up with my DC sessions - this is the one way I get moisture infused right into my hair strand, and the best way to keep my hair soft and pliable during the week. Even when I am feeling lazy, I just do a dry DC and co-wash, and I am done for the week.

5. The box braids + wig regimen - this is my go to protective style when I am sick of dealing with three textures. I simply do at least 30 box braids with my own hair, and during the working week, I moisturize and seal the hair before throwing on my wig cap and wig and going. Simple, and I still manage to look after my hair which is a major plus. My hair cannot deal with more than 1 week of neglect, so this routine definitely works. I just have to be careful about how long I keep the braids in since my hair can start forming dreadlocks if left in the braids for too long.

What has not been working:

1. Doing a protein treatment once a month - yeah, total fail. I forgot that since I have so many textures and some are weaker, I needed more protein more often. The result, some long strand breakage and some short strand breakage. The short strand breakage has been happening at my crown and nape. Almost all the bone straight hair has broken off in those area and I am left with texlaxed hair and new growth. The long strand breakage is happening in the front. I am not sure why the breakage there is occurring, maybe I am not as careful when detangling in that area. Anyway, I need to work on that.

2. Combs - lol, crazy, but true. I can't stand seeing a comb near my head these days, even my beloved wide tooth comb collection. My hair is getting even bigger and thicker without the relaxer effect of reducing the thickness. And its a pain to detangle even when in small sections. But I really have to use a comb to detangle, my finger combing is not yet good enough for me to get out all the shed hair. But I need to start thinking of a new detangling tool I can use, or my life as a natural will be detangling hell.

3. Synthetic wigs - I bought a synthetic wig because its what I could fit into my budget. Unfortunately I have extra sensitive skin, which breaks out or itches when the wrong thing brushes against it. The wig (my current fave) is seriously irritating my scalp. I had a major case of the itchies right after wash day and it wasn't pretty. So I will have to invest in a human hair wig now.

4. My styling skills - my styling skills on my own head are pathetic. I have a failed flexirod set under my belt at the moment. I challenged myself to learn one new hair style this month that's not a bun, and honestly at the moment, I haven't mastered anything.I need to do a style in the coming week, or fail the human race...

But honestly though, the transition seems to be a breeze at the moment. No doubt, I will be singing the blues the next time I do my update. My hair is soft, thick, and even shiny on the really good days. The bad hair days are when I can only manage to pull my hair back into a low bun or ponytail.

Length wise, I am at BSB now. I will do a proper length check (aka stretching my hair while wearing my length check tank) at the end of the month. Time to focus on achieving BSL by September now.

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  1. I sometimes double the hot oil treatment as a preshampoo too. You've even reminded me that im due for one. You're doing well with your transition doll :-)