Monday, 12 May 2014

Wash Day Saga - 10 May 2014

Hey everyone, hope you had a pleasant weekend.

I had a good wash day this weekend. I am still on my low fuss/manipulation wash day thing and it seems to be working out well. I am experiencing less breakage and my hair feels moisturised and strong. I am achieving a good balance with this current regimen. Anyhoo, enough with the rambling and on to what really happened.

1. I did a coconut oil prepoo/hotoil treatment. I just applied the warm oil to my box braids and let it sit in my hair for 2 hours while I did my laundry.

2. Shampoo with Infusium 23 sulfate free shampoo. I hadn't done a 'poo wash for about 2 weeks and I could really feel it on my scalp. The shampoo helped to lift some of the build up.

3. DC with Tresemme naturals conditioner overnight. I applied the conditioner to my box braids, and covered in two shower caps, my heat process cap and a woolly hat. I let it all stew until my shower on Sunday morning.

4. I rinsed out the conditioner with warm water and wrapped my hair in a t-shirt while going through the rest of my shower routine. When my hair was damp, I applied the VO5 leave in moisturiser as my leave in, and sealed with coconut oil. I let my hair airdry in a ponytail while at church.

5. I rebraided a few of the box braids at the back of my head and finger combed out the shed hair. I even did an unofficial length check by pulling down my hair.

I am definitely at BSB now but I'm going to wait to claim it after I take down my box braids at the end of the month (and when I have completed my round of inversions + GHE). When I claim BSB I will be left with 2 inches to full BSL. so I will be working on achieving that by the end of September. At this rate I may even make MBL (grazing) by the end of the year. I think I will have to reset my end year goal from BSL to MBL because it seems like I will be past that soon.

That's it for my wash day this week, simple, and quick but still getting good stuff to my hair.

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The Wash Day Experience


  1. i am glad you had a wonderful experience. I am always afraid to talk about my experiences when I try new shampoos because I don't know what they might do to my hair a few days later. I love infusium 23. Kisses!

  2. Hooray for less breakage and shedding! You've found your hair's sweet spot!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience with us chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  3. I'm glad things went well. I have never tried Infusium products. They get such great reviews, I don't know what I'm waiting on. I suppose the other products got me bogged down in stash overload.
    Divachyk | Relaxed Thairapy