Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wash Day Saga - Overnight DC

So I finally got around to getting some water close to my head. After being busy last weekend, and just being plain lazy, I ended up washing my hair.

 I had done box braids using my hair only on Sunday, so what I just did was apply some ORS Replenishing Conditioner onto my box braids before covering with 3 shower caps. This morning, I rinsed off the conditioner with warm water (its too cold in the mornings to use cold water now), before wrapping my braids in a t-shirt and going about my normal shower routine.By the time I had finished dressing, my hair was damp. So I decided to get in a little GHE during the day today. I covered my hair with my wig cap, and wore my wig to work. Tonight, I will let my hair fully airdry and do a scalp massage.

That was my wash day this week. Very quick, simple with no fuss. Although I will need to clarify this weekend since I will have quite a bit of build up now.

So how was your wash day? Join the #washdayexperience linkup, and share your experience with other hair obsessed dedicated bloggers :)

The Wash Day Experience



  1. Dedicated, obsessed, same thing:-) We are just a bunch of crazy hair lovers. I am glad you got around to washing your hair.

  2. You just reminded me to invest in more shower caps!! Especially since I also like to do the intense dry DC.

  3. Girl I love simplicity, it's the best I think!